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by the nomadic trio about a year ago in humanity


caffeine and then some

As I sit here, drinking yet another cup of coffee, I can’t help but to think about all of the people who have asked about the RV and what it’s like living in it. If it’s easier, cheaper and what the pros and cons are. Who and what do I listen to heading down the road.

Let me tell ya....Freya Ridings, Dorothy and Alice Merton are my go to artists. One has a vocal range like no other, the other is simply a bad ass who puts me in the mind of Stevie Nicks. And the last is just someone who has a weirdly satisfying voice. One of Alice Merton’s songs, No Roots, has honestly become a personal anthem because of literally not being tied down to one place.

The usually answer to any questions about living in the RV is that it’s cheaper, no rent or mortgage. I’m able to fill the desire of finding my next adventure without having to find a cat sitter or making sure I have vacation time. I can simply pack up and leave almost whenever. It’s getting colder here in the Midwest and have been considering going south after Christmas just to have warmth and not need to spend half as much on propane for heat. When I’m not connected to electricity of course.

Adventures, for me, are a big thing. Have even planned on going back to a childhood vacation spot in Gettysburg, PA because of its big play in history. History is fascinating to me. Especially when you can go visit certain places that have been preserved. Hopefully to teach us (and future generations) that history can repeat itself but having power to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Like the battle of Gettysburg and ending slavery or the mass genocide the Holocaust represents.

Or the adventure of going deep into the woods or forests and just completely immersing myself in nature. Hearing the sounds of the fire crackling, coyotes howling in the distance over a new kill and the whippoorwills calling out to each other. Or the sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore. Or driving 1,800 miles away from the Midwest to go west towards the mountains.

The adventurous side of me will always need to be filled. It’s something that a house or apartment can never truly give me because it ties me down to one spot. It requires a contract that I’m afraid I would have to break. There is something about owning a house though. It’s totally your space and no one can take that from you; unfortunately you can’t take it with you though. My RV is mine. No rent. No mortgage. And I can take it with me. Everywhere. On whim or planned adventures and I still have all of the comforts of home, just a different view with different sounds.

Caffeine in the form of coffee and mtn dew is usually what keeps me going if I am making a huge (to me) trip. From my hometown in the Midwest; 1,800 miles to the mountains or 1,100 down south with ocean views. It requires a lot of music and caffeine and the occasional pitstop along the way to keep me going there and back. For my fellow nomads, what keeps YOU going? Podcasts? Music? Or if your lucky, some of you have someone with you. From friends and family or a significant other. On my end, I occasionally talk to my cats as I’m driving. They do pretty well with the moving vehicle now that they’ve had almost a year of getting used to it. One of them enjoys sitting behind me on the headrest.

It also begs the question of what your next adventure looks like. Is it filled with ocean or mountain views? Or are you surrounded by trees that house more than just a tiny birds nest? Whatever your next adventure looks like, make sure it refills your cup. That you get whatever it is your looking for out of it.


the nomadic trio

Just a nomad with two cats who refuses to live with most of societies rules. And who doesn’t like to occasionally change up their views with rent free living?

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