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Hampta Pass :The trekking experience

by Sheena Negi 8 months ago in activities

an exhilarating journey to the hampta pass through the Himalayas

The descent from the Hampta Pass

My telephone blared and the message read 'You weren't destined to simply to take care of tabs and pass on'. Simultaneously got call from my companion to join for , Hampta pass journey chomped by movement bug and roused by the above message said YES to him without even batting an eye. You won't perceive any issue while saying indeed, yet issue emerges when you need to take the authorization of guardians. By one way or another got my folks' authorization and begun my groundwork for 9 days in length excursion to Manali.

Our focal point of fascination of outing was 'Hampta Pass journey'. It was a 5 days journey.

Me and my companions began from Bengaluru and arrived at Delhi via train. From Delhi we took a transport and came to Rumsu base camp (26 kms before Manali). Grand magnificence while in transit to Rumsu is astonishing.

There are 'N' quantities of coordinators for 'Hampta pass journey'. To make reference to not many 'Kailash rath Trekking', 'India Hikes', 'Trekkerpedia','Adventure Nation, etc. The bundle cost they offer marginally contrasts. We decide to go with 'Kailash Rath Trekking'.

Hamta pass lies on delightful Pir Panjal run and is little passageway among Lahaul and Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. Hampta town is situated underneath Sethan town and from where it got its name. This pass is oftentimes utilized by Shepherds of lesser Himalayan locale.

Finding the extraordinary scene on the Manali side of Himachal Pradesh with the Hampta Pass journeying resembles a fantasy to reality experience. Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate trip with an extension for changing the term to suit ones time.

The excellence of this trip is, each day the scene changes. You start the journey in thick woodland and afterward go into open valleys with lavish green front of grass then the timberline stops and you cross the Hampta Pass and enter the desolate scene of Lahaul and Spiti and visit to Chandratal Lake. Hampta Pass Trek takes us over the great lower regions of the Himalayas, the Pir Panjal Range, crossing at Hampta Pass (14100 Ft.)

river systems aerial view

Hampta Pass Trek

Term : 5D/4N

Elevation : 14,100 ft

Temperature : - 4 to 20 degree Celsius

All out traveling separation : Approx 34kms

Day 1 – Chika

Subsequent to completing breakfast and with stuffed lunch we left from Rumsu base camp. The audacious movement of the Hampta pass journey starts with the excursion from Rumsu to Hampta dam. It takes around 2hrs of jeep ride and numerous clip curves to show up at Hampta dam.

Journey initiates from Hampta dam. We began our journey at 11 am. The present journey is a 2 hour simple rising. The underlying aspect of the trip is through thick woodland of Walnut, Oak, Maple trees and afterward journey for quite a while close by the stream. In the wake of traverse wooden extensions, there is a little trip and we will arrive at the campground Chika. Arrived at the campground around 2.30pm. Had our lunch and begun with photograph meeting.

Day 2 – Balu ka Ghera

The present trip is truly exciting with several water intersections in transit. The following objective Balu Ka Ghera is around 4-5 hours steady rising from Chika. The underlying aspect of the trip experiences the bank of the waterway, crossing scarcely any stone rocks. Following scarcely any long periods of stroll there is a water stream that should be crossed. The water is frigid cold and comes to knee level. Intersection this stream with shoeless is amazing. We have come midway our objective. On one side you have magnificent stone face and the stream streaming underneath them and directly before you valley loaded with day off trees are deserted by just little shrubs. Stroll along the stream through rock you will reach Balu ka Ghera which implies the 'Stores of Sand'. Balu ka ghera is the point from where the lofty move to Hampta pass starts. It is a level ground comprised of the sand and residue brought somewhere around the stream. In the region is an enormous pool of water produced using the cold melts. The site is breezy which cause the temperature to feel even lower than real.

Day 3 – Shia ghoru

The present trip will take us roughly 8hrs to arrive at our next campground Shia ghoru. This is the most astounding aspect of the trip as we cross most noteworthy purpose of journey the Hampta Pass (14,100 ft) and afterward plunge to our campground in Shia ghoru. This day journey would be steep climb and afterward decently steep drop from the Hampta pass. Before coming to the hampta pass you need to cross Snow Mountains which is extremely dangerous. Strolling on ice is sketchy. Brief you're upstanding and the following, you're sliding toward down. About 30 minutes climb before arriving at the Hampta pass is the most troublesome aspect of the entire trip.

Subsequent to coming to hampta pass we had our lunch, clicked hardly any pics and began our excursion towards Shia Ghoru. In the wake of intersection Hampta Pass it's a lofty plummet. Tall snow clad mountains encompass you from three sides and afterward journey for another hour, the open side leads you to Shia ghoru. Temperature at evenings will be jaw breaking. It will arrive at 0 degree even falls under zero. Thermals, coats, gloves, socks may likewise neglect to keep you warm.

Day 4 – Chatru

This day is the least demanding one; we have a simple plunge in Lahaul and Spiti Valley as far as possible up to Chatru. Journey starts with the intersection of stream which is streaming by the campground. Presently crossing this waterway is one hellfire of an involvement with itself. Water is frosty virus. We made human chain and crossed the stream exposed footed. The freezing water hurt your leg harshly and the deadness of legs will stay for the following 30 minutes.

Chatru is little spot on Manali Kaza street with not many eateries. The huge piles of the Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges overwhelm the whole scene till the campground at Chatru. Chatru is an intersection purpose of ways from Rohtang Pass, Hampta Pass and Spiti.

From Chatru we took a jeep ride to reach Chandratal Lake. Folklore says that Yudhishthir, the oldest Pandava was called to paradise from Chandratal. The shade of water of this heavenly lake continues changing from rosy to orange to blue to emerald green as the day closes. After 3 long hrs jeep ride we came to chatru.

Day 5 – After astounding traveling experience, we as a whole took bunch pics, pics with guide and say goodbye to one another. We began our excursion towards Manali by means of Rohtang pass.

Hampta pass Trek – Beauty of Manali, Weather, Mother Nature: everything left us hypnotized. It was an amazing trip and life time understanding.

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Sheena Negi
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