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Greeter Falls in Altamont, TN

Behind the Waterfall

By Lindsey AltomPublished 24 days ago Updated 23 days ago 3 min read
Greeter Falls

So, thanks to my wonderful father I have been on many hiking adventures but this one was one of my favorites, and why you may ask? Well, I got to mark something off my bucket list here at Greeter Falls in Altamont, TN that I had been dying to do since I was a little girl and watched the Family Featured Film Behind the Waterfall. That's right, I swam behind a waterfall and it was one of the most magical, adrenaline-fueled, exhilarating experiences I had in my life up to that point. You see, it was May when we went on this trip and although it was warm enough to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts the water was still pretty chilly from the Winter. I didn't care though because I had one thing on my mind as soon as I found out that I could swim behind this waterfall I knew my dream was coming true.

My son and I making our way to the Falls

I had to travel around the side of the Falls to avoid as much of the water as I could. I had worn clothes I could swim in underneath my regular clothes that day but seeing as the water was very cold I was trying to avoid being in the water for too long. My son, who was thirteen then, slowly followed me along the rocks and boulders. He was very cautious and at first, had told me that he wouldn't be following me to the waterfall itself. I was disappointed as I wanted someone to share the experience with, but as I started, he was only a few feet behind me every time I looked back. Finally, I reached the last portion of my journey and I knew that to get behind this beautiful water it was time to plunge into the frigid water. I took a moment to collect myself and notice my surroundings. There were a few young women in bikinis and a couple of young men on the other side of the waterfall attempting to swim in the frigid water however, they were not getting far. Shrieks came from the young women as they plunged into the icy water. They clearly underestimated the temperature of the water. Shaking my head, I turn my attention to my goal. She is tall, strong, powerful, graceful, and has so much force in her beauty. I see where I need to approach her so I can sit on the boulders behind her. I route my path in my mind and plunge in. As the water hits me and the temperature shocks my body and mind I think for a split second of turning back but I've come too far for that now. I swim and negotiate the rocks and boulders until finally I reach my destination.

Behind the Waterfall

Sitting behind that waterfall was so amazing! It was truly one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life. Behind Greeter Falls, you could see her beauty and truly feel her power and strength. As the mist from her falls sprayed my face and body, I sat there in awe of her. The force of the falls and the strength she held took my breath away. The best part was when I looked to my side to see my son sitting beside me. The roar of the falls was so loud you couldn't hear anything but the water rushing onto the rocks below so we just smiled at each other. Soon, he motioned to me that he was heading back to my father and his sister where they were waiting on the bank. I nodded my ascent and soon I too, headed back. After we got back, we climbed the stairway to go back to the trails and around the loop to see another fall. This one I would not swim under but the trek there was so beautiful and with my body still wet from the pool under Greeter Falls it was a nice cool hike. Greeter Falls is such a majestic place and I would recommend this hike for anyone looking for a fun trip. If you want a little adrenaline rush perhaps, you too could see what is behind the waterfall. :)

The Stairway

Broadtree Falls

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  • Jay Kantor24 days ago

    Hi L.A. ~ So no Freezing Bikini Goose Bumps, Then...! We all have our favorite spots that mean so much to us that, of course, lend ourselves to refer to them as the strength of a "Her" ~ Not a 'He.' Nice to meet your Family, J.k.in.L.A.

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