Food in the Sun

Must Eats in Daytona Beach

Food in the Sun

Last time, we talked about some great outdoor activities to do in Daytona Beach. After all that work, I bet you’d have quite an appetite. So, today we’re going to fill your belly with some of my favorite restaurants from the area.

The Deck Down Under

At first glance, this place doesn’t look like much. It’s a fairly big building with the menu on a giant board on the wall. You order at the counter next to the giant board and they bring you your food once it’s ready. Here’s the important part: the food is delicious and reasonably priced. All fish can be fried, grilled, or blackened. And fish is what’s for dinner. While they have other options, their fish is why I go. No matter what, it’s always cooked perfectly and I can get it on a salad, in a sandwich, or by itself. Their sides are also good and they have a full bar.

The view is also wonderful. It’s right on the water and surrounded by a dock. People fish and then take in a delicious meal or a frosty brew and then head back to the dock to continue trying their luck. I’ve sat at my table and watched dolphins play and birds try to scavenge for food. Everything is low key and just my speed. The drinks are stiff and the food is deliciously filling.

Carribean Jack’s

Also located right on the water, Carribean Jack’s boasts it’s Daytona’s favorite waterfront restaurant and bar. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite, but I will definitely say that I enjoyed my experience. We sat outside near the stage. They have a full bar and menu. My tacos were scrumptious, jerk shrimp with a volcano sauce, calypso rice and mango pineapple salsa. The salsa was excellent and the shrimp were cooked very well. I love shrimp and one of the worst things you can do it overcook them into a rubbery mess. Carribean Jack’s were succulent and tasty.

My favorite part of the experience took place on the stage that I mentioned earlier. Groove 41 played the night that I dined. They’re a classic rock cover band with a female lead that rocked the house. They had a great groove and the lead singer danced with the patrons. From Joan Jett and Pat Benetar to Billy Joel and Santana, they performed a great set that had me hooked all through dinner.

Aunt Catfish’s On the River

As the name suggests, it’s located right on the river. Originally a fishing pier with the best bait available, Aunt Catfish’s now boasts delicious southern river food and a great atmosphere. As I always try to do, I sat outside. It has a nice tiki-esque atmosphere with a small playground for kids. While not the same pier from the olden days, there is a dock that you can enjoy the river and fish from. There’s even a big fake fish to pose with!

The food was well-prepared and prompt, as was the service. I really enjoyed the fried gator. It was my first time having alligator and I enjoyed the firm, slightly fishy flavor. The citrus sauce that accompanied it was also quite delicious and a perfect pairing for the gator. I’ll admit it, I took more than my share of the appetizer…

Any tourtist-y area is packed full of great food options and Daytona Beach is no exception. As my dad lives there, I try to visit at least once a year and I’m sure that I’ll come back with even more great options. I hope that you enjoy these recommendations and your trip to Daytona Beach. Remember to check out the chainmaille shop!

Nicole "ChaseThePen" Sanchez
Nicole "ChaseThePen" Sanchez
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