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Flatlander on the Hill

A photo journal of my trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina on Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2022

By Alexandria StanwyckPublished 24 days ago Updated 24 days ago 5 min read
My view outside the Airbnb we stayed at in Weaverville, NC

* Editor's Notes: Anything italicized is part of a series of notes I wrote during the trip that I found recently. Some pictures have been edited to preserve the privacy of everyone who went on the trip. That said they were edited by an unprofessional (me) so don't judge me too harshly for my lack of skills.

There has always been a running joke in my family, "she's a mountain girl in a flatlander's body."

They aren't wrong. I don't get to go the mountains often unless it's for a family vacation, but I always feel so at home when I do get to go, despite never living near them. So when my family started planning a trip almost two years ago, I was ecstatic when we decided to spend a few days in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains - Weaverville, a town not too far away from Asheville, North Carolina.

Day One - Arrival & Reems Creek

To say I can be an impatient person is a laughable understatement. It gets worse when I am excited, no, electrified, by what is coming. Even now [at 2:28], I'm awake and my hair stands on end like it is attracted to a charged balloon. My lungs are eager to take in the mountain air. Is it weird I want to take a mason jar with me so I can bottle some it up to take back home with me, something to open up when nostalgia hits me? It might be a sign I need to get some sleep.

When I first saw the mountains while riding to Weaverville that day, I secretly sniffed at the air. The delusional part of me thought I could smell the difference, even though all the windows in the vehicle were closed thanks to the darn rain in the area. Looking back, I couldn't, but it goes to show how the mind can play tricks on you. Needless to say, as soon as the weather allowed, windows went down, filling the van with the scent of the mountains.

*Edited - This is the bungalow my family and I stayed at.

The bungalow we stayed at remind me of home; it didn't scream expensive which was fine by me. The best part of staying there wasn't the house itself, but the surroundings, including the amazing views. After unpacking, my family and I did some exploring in the area. Down the hill from the bungalow, there was a little trail leading down to a spot nearby Reems Creek.

Going down the trail was difficult since the rain made the already foreign terrain difficult to manage, leading to majority of us slipping at one point, but the end goal made it worth it. It was a serene scene, watching the water gently flow by and listening to the sounds of birds in the trees overhead. Granted to say, we decided to choose a different route for future comings and goings to the creek.

Reems Creek in Weaverville, NC

Day Two - Looking Glass Falls & Moore Cove Falls Trail

Before today, I had never seen my first or second waterfall. When I thought about seeing one for the first time, I always thought it would be Niagara Falls because everyone I've talked to said it was the first one they experienced. But I am so glad my first experience was Looking Glass Falls.

Looking Glass Falls

Moore Cove Falls

I've always associated waterfalls with power, the strength of all this water coming off a cliff. Looking at these two waterfalls, it was a reminder there is power in the quiet. Niagara Falls is loud and noisy. Every time I've seen a video of those falls, the sound is one huge part of it. Although Looking Glass is the same thing on a smaller scale, it wasn't deafening, but peaceful and quiet. Moore Cove Falls was merely a sprinkle, but the rock formations were gorgeous.

The waterfalls weren't the only things to leave me in awe; the forest we walked the trail was alluring. I may or may not have started singing "Colors of the Wind" at one point because it felt like I was on a Disney set.

This was near the entrance of the Looking Glass Falls Trail. It took a little bit of time to find parking nearby since there was quite a crowd there.

Here was the creek from where we were parked.

During the hike, you could see the creek running through the forest.

This is my favorite panoramic shot. Unfortunately to make sure it could be embedded, I had to crop the picture. The full picture will be on a gallery linked near the end of this story.

Day Three - Grove Arcade (Asheville, NC) & Biltmore Village

I have never really admitted this anyone, but I love historic towns turned into tourist locations. I'm sure the older natives probably don't, but I feel it is the perfect blend of the modern and historical. Plus, I have a chance to support the local businesses.

It was raining so we decided to pick an area with a lot of business we could duck into when it was heavier. Introducing Grove Arcade, the kind of place you could get lost for hours, either by shopping or by walking around to observe the architecture. Whatever you decide, there are places inside where you eat delicious food.

Grove Arcade is a beautifully preserved historical building in the heart of Downtown Asheville that represents the heart and character of the town. It’s rich history and ornate architecture combined with its eclectic mix of shops and restaurants offer patrons a full-day immersion into Asheville lifestyle and culture. - Tripadvisor.com

*Edited -This is the view from across the street.

Some of the architecture in Grove Arcade

Speaking of food, there were so many choices we had a hard time deciding. We ended up eating at Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe, an award winning bakery and cafe. There was something for everyone, with vegan and gluten-free options available. I ended up getting the classic chicken salad on a flaky croissant, sesame noodles, and a brownie. Yummy!

Well-Bred's Classic Chicken Salad on a croissant

Well-Bred's Sesame Noodles

After such a delicious meal, we needed to walk around for a little. A quick search gave us several options, including where we decided to go, the Historic Biltmore Village. Much like the Grove Arcade, there were plenty of local shops and restaurants in the area.

Day Four - WNC Farmers Market

I'm having what I'm calling the final day blues and I don't think I'm the only one. We've been talking coming back the whole time, but even more so today. There are so many things in the area we weren't able to do this time around. For now, I'm going to make the most of today. Farmers market, here we come.

That is the WNC Farmers Market, just to let you know. I have been to famers markets before, but nothing on this scale. We got to sample some of the local farms' bounty and gasp over the vendors' arts & crafts, even deciding to take some of Asheville home with us. The vendors were extremely hospitable, telling us the stories behind their produce and items.

WNC Farmers Market - This pictures is from their Facebook page

Before we could stuff our stomachs to the brim with samples, we went to eat at the restaurant on the property, the Moose Cafe. If any of you are familiar with a little brand of southern homestyle restaurants called the Cracker Barrell, I would consider Moose Cafe very similar to them. Of course, Moose Cafe shouldn't be considered in quality to them, I was telling you that so it gives an idea of the type of food they serve.

Now We Draw It All To A Close

The next day, we left with mixed emotions. Excited because we missed home, but a little sad to go. I would recommend this trip if you want a chill trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, complete with time outside in nature and in historical areas of Asheville. Below, I am going to attach a link to a Google Docs so you can see more pictures.

Flatlander on the Hill Gallery


I hope you enjoyed some details and pictures from one of my favorite trips.

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  • Shirley Belk23 days ago

    Looks like a very peaceful trip...beautiful

  • It is superb. Enjoyed well.

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