Five Things Traveling Taught Me

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Five Things Traveling Taught Me

So you want to travel the world? You want to be daring and adventurous, to explore places you only read about as a kid? Do you daydream about going to places across the globe or simply across the country? We all dream about traveling, and since I have been traveling a lot recently, I would like to talk about the five things traveling has taught me.

Traveling has taught me that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard.

And by hearing their stories, we can be a part of their journey, a page in a beautiful woven layer. I could tell you many stories of individuals that made such an impact in my life. They took the time to get to know me and took the initiative to care. When you travel, think about the interactions and the impact you have with/on others.

While traveling does help you forget your present woes, eventually you have to stop long enough to confront them.

I have met people and was one of those people who just wanted to escape. I could not handle the thought of being home another summer. I needed out, and I ran away from my life turning into a risk taker, which usually didn't end well. When you travel, take the time to ask yourself, What's my motivation and, What do I hope to gain?

Traveling takes me places I never thought I would be.

From the beautiful hills of Tennessee to the magnificent Angkor Watt, it leaves me with the realization that no place has the same charm as my hometown. Growing up the way I did, gives me MY PERSPECTIVE and MY VIEW. I get a bigger thrill of going to the beach than a person who goes all the time because I hardly ever went to the beach as a kid. As you travel, take the time to admire things like only you can. Stay open minded but also understand that your background gives perspective to so much of what we do.

Being a little risk-taking now and then never hurt anyone.

Discover new foods, new languages, and being adventurous while being cautious is a beautiful thing and many of your best memories will come from these journeys. Ever ridden in a 15 passenger with 29 people stuffed in it on a back road in Cambodia?

Traveling has opened my eyes to the importance of learning the history of the places you are going.

Are you a history lover? Then this next section is for you! The past can be painful but the sheer act of learning about other cultures especially about the places you are going, shows you care. Many times the past brings to light why people act a certain way. Watching a movie concerning the Cambodian Genocide or Davy Crockett is different from actually walking the Killing Fields or stepping on the porch of Crockett's childhood home.

There is so much I could say about traveling and the many joys it can bring. Or I could just let you experience it for yourself.

So no matter where you are going right now, just remember, that our experiences in traveling change our perspective and lead towards a love for people and their stories. Our experiences are valuable in life and not something you can learn in a classroom. So good luck and hit the road!

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Rachel Hicks
Rachel Hicks
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