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Fes Morocco

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By FernandoPublished 4 years ago 8 min read

If you are wondering where to stay in Fes Morocco? you’ll be spoiled for choice. Boasting buildings that will have you thinking you travelled back to medieval times, the grand structures are all-inspiring on their own.

But not only will you have those medieval castles to gush over, there are also many other places you can feed your appetite for discovery.

Fes Morocco is the second biggest city of the country, resided by some 1.22 million people. With the accolade of being the second biggest and most populated city, that figure is bound to generate a lot of activity.

You could find yourself in Old Medina which is also listed as a world heritage site, or in Nouevelle Ville with its French influence all around.

5 popular spots you may like to visit include:

Old Medina

Old medina is by far the most popular area with tourist. Here you can enjoy the quaint style of the ancient fort like buildings, as well as some special tourist attractions like the university of Al Quaraouiyine, founded in 859 AD, and believed to be the longest running education institution in the world. It is now converted into a mosque and is one of Morocco’s largest centers of worship. Walk through the campus to get an idea of how students back then went about on their academic pursuits. If you are trying to connect with your spiritual side, then this is also a place where you can explore deeper. Also enjoy the distinctive Arab architecture that can be found the city over.

In Old Medina, you could also find the traditional garden known as Riad, which attracts many tourists over every year. The sheer beauty of the place will have you taking more than a few shots. These could be seen either by yourself or as a couple. The backdrop surely provides an air of mystic and age-old romance.

If you’re the type who likes to lace up your boots and stroll the city by foot, then Old medina is for you. It has an impressive number of 9,400 alleys all together, dubbing the area the largest pedestrian zone in the world. Automobiles are not allowed in this area by law. Therefore, you can walk freely with peace of mind, not to mention the purity of the air you’ll be breathe, unattained by exhaust fumes.

Bab Boujloud

This is believed to have the best area to stay on a visit. The same styles of buildings that permeates throughout the whole city is also found here.

Enter the distinctive blue gates and you escape the hustle and bustle of the outside, and are now in a more slow-paced world. Inside there are a number of cafes and restaurant serving local cuisine, that should be a sure item on your checklist if you’re a foodie on a mission to discover Fes one bite at a time.

A popular place to stay is Hotel Ryad Mabouka, it has an araboandalusian garden and pool, as well as a hot spring bath that you can simmer in. It is 5 minutes walking distance from the main pedestrian street of medina, and offers exceptional views from the terrace. You might like to note that there are 68 restaurants nearby, so maybe loosen your belt.

Cheaper options for accommodation include the Dar Rabha hostel which is within walking distance from the blue gates, and offers free breakfast and friendly staff. It has a small capacity (30 beds) so make sure to book in advance. Minimum stay is 1 night.

Staying here will cost you a little less than 150USD per night, but you will receive a free breakfast and access to all the amenities included.

Nearby attractions are the Coin Berbere and Dar Batha Museum to name a few. At Coin Berbere a family owned gift shop enduring for the past 60 years, you could peer your eyes at the locally made carpets, and even enjoy the local art on display. You may call yourself an art critic after a visit, thou that may only be a self-proclaimed claim.

On the other hand, the Dar Batha museum can fulfill your artistic appetite even further. Set in a Hispano-Moorish palace that houses a wide collection of traditional Fez crafts, the most captivating being the country’s famous cobalt blue pottery.

During the Fes festival of world sacred music, which happens around June every year, free concerts are held at the Boujloud square, close to Bab Boujloud.

As Seffarine

This neighbourhood is where you can find the handicraft workers, leather makers, and pottery shops.

Yes, you can haggle and strike the perfect deal, exercising your deal-making skills. We don’t guarantee that you’ll move on to be the worlds top negotiator, but you might walk away with a uniquely crafted pot to put in your entrance way, that your friends will surely notice, making you look like an experienced jet-setter.

There are guided tours that will also serve to be informative, as well as providing you with peace of mind in this area, which could well be uncharted territory, if you are a first-time visitor.

Have a look at the beautiful Riad Palais Bahia Fes, a little green space in the middle of the neighbourhood, where you can relax and take in the sights.

Due to the positioning of the area, if your skint for cash or budget conscious, then here you can find cheaper accommodation. Don’t be put-off by the cheaper price, top-quality hotels are still on offer. Maybe look up hotel Palais Amani, there you’ll surely find value for money.

Nouevelle Ville

For the financially secure who doesn’t mind forking out a few extra bucks. In this neighbourhood you’ll notice the French influence all about, if you haven’t noticed by the name itself.

This is more for when that nostalgic feeling kicks in. There is a host of international restaurants and even popular fast food-chains. If you’re a foreigner looking for a taste of home, then maybe you’ll find some of it in Nouevelle.

Public transport is very reliable in this region, allowing you to travel to all the landmarks quite easily, and nightlife is well and truly active. May appeal to the younger traveller looking to immerse themselves in the night life culture, or just anybody who likes a night out.

Hotel Sahrai is thought to be the best place to stay. As mentioned before, it will lighten your pockets a fair bit, but you’ll enjoy luxury to luxury.

Fes el- Jdid

Built in the 1200’s this is the newest part of the Old Medina. Something built that long ago would be considered old, but think of it as an aging spring chicken.

This is the Jewish quarter of the town, interesting in the fact that the country is under Islamic Law. The contrast between the two groups can surely be seen in the area, and the influences it brings, but you will still feel like you are very much in Morocco.

There are several accommodation options here, yet not as plentiful as other areas. The area is small and harder to get lost in, which can prove to be a less time-consuming adventure as you stroll around.

There is a museum that welcomes visitors all year around, so you can add that to your list of things to do here.

Hotel booking fill up really quickly, so make sure to book ahead if you plan to stay here.

Popular accommodation is hotel Riad Dar Nour, simply beautiful, providing continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned rooms. Perfect for couples while also being child friendly.

If you want something cheaper, the Medina Social club hostel is nearby, with a price tag of about 3 euros per night. Hostel offers private and shared accommodations; all dorms have an ensuite. There is free Wi-Fi, so you can post all your amazing photos to social media, and notably they hold cultural events of all sorts. Guests can attend for free any of the concerts, exhibitions, plays, dances and debates…

Other attractions at Fes Morrocco:

You’ll be spoiled for choice, but here are 3 we know you’ll like.

Overnight small-group Dessert tour from Fes with Camel ride – No we didn’t read your mind. But that would be cool wouldn’t it. Live out your Arabian fantasy and get on board that two humped animals, and experience the mystic of the dessert. You’ll have experienced personnel on standby to ensure you get the most from this amazing experience. Set at night, you’ll also be able to see the dessert sun set, and the night stars rise. That sounds like the perfect backdrop for a romance novel, now doesn’t it?

There is a host of similar tours that last for 2-3 days. Breakfast, dinner and lunch are provided, as well as overnight accommodation. The price is a little on the high side, but truly well worth it for what’s on offer.

Full day Fes Medina Tour - Full day Fes Medina tour will give you all you need to fully experience the ancient city.

With a knowledgeable local guide, you will get a good understanding of the history & culture of Fes and Morocco.

Bring your water and some snacks, as this will start off with a 3-hour walking tour around the narrow alleyways of the medina.

Then you will be transported by car outwards of the medina, from Jewish quarters to the Royal Palace and much more.

It will altogether take about 6 hours, and it’s at an incredibly good price. The tour is organised in small little groups of 7, giving the whole experience a more personal feel.

Fes Festival of world sacred music – The Fes festival of world sacred music lasts 9 days, comprised of open-air concerts from artist from the world over, as well as dancers from all around the globe.

You can sample authentic food and drinks at the festival’s street stalls adding to a genuine Moroccan experience.

Be sure to book ahead, as this is a very popular event.

It is usually held every year in June.

Fes Morocco is stunningly beautiful to look at, it has a deep enticing history, and has retained much of its age-old charm up until current days. There is so much to take in, besides from the views. For those looking for a place to connect with on a spiritual level, this city surely won’t disappoint with its myriad of mosques.

So, if you are looking for a place to go, escape to Fes, and put your worries away.

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