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Explore Baltimore's African American Heritage

Take a tour of America's Charm City of Baltimore in Maryland and Learn About Its Rich African American Heritage.

By John LimboPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Given that the emancipation, African American household reunions have long been a part of the neighborhood's cultures. After the abolishment of slavery and numerous servants released, households started placing ads in newspapers and browsing nearby farms and plantations looking for long-lost loved ones separated because of the slave trade. Family reunions ended up being an excellent way to reconnect with their enjoyed ones and trace their roots and family tree. As much as nowadays, multi-generational reunions and parties play an essential role in African American households and it ended up being a big sector of African American travel and tourist.

No matter what the size of the get-together your household is planning, Baltimore is a fantastic location to go to. Being a port city and among the earliest ports where the slave ships from Africa docked, the city of Baltimore has a strong connection to the African American community. The city is rich in history and has a dynamic African American culture instilled in its core. The city of Baltimore makes a good venue for a family reunion for African American families. Here are some of the sites and activities that you can include in your Baltimore African American heritage tour.

Pennsylvania Avenue African American Heritage Trail

Fittingly recognized as Baltimore's art district, Pennsylvania Avenue is similar to the other 'soul' streets of the nation. This is a good district to start your exploration of the rich African American heritage of Baltimore. Aside from cultivating the city's arts and culture, The Avenue is likewise a historic district. Numerous churches and houses line on its streets and alleys ended up being witness to the stories of the city's African-American neighborhood. While you're walking down these artsy and historical communities, you can likewise enjoy your taste buds with the different offerings of the various dining establishments and cafes close by. On top of tasty meals, visitors can likewise take pleasure in excellent emotional Jazz music and learn how the city supported lots of Baltimorean music legends.

Eubie Blake Jazz Museum and Cultural Center

Perfect for arts and music enthusiasts, a stop at the Eubie Blake Jazz Museum and Cultural Center is a must for any trip of Baltimore's art street. Named after a great Baltimorean pianist and jazz artist, legend Eubie Blake who composed a number of pieces for both white and black performers on Broadway, the center houses a collection of photos of him and other Baltimorean jazz singers. Through its comprehensive library of sheet music and videos, visitors and musicians alike can find and explore the music produced throughout the Harlem Renaissance period. Visitors may likewise see up-and-coming artists in the center's performance hall.

Frederick Douglass - Isaac Myers Maritime Park

This shipyard-turned-museum celebrates the contributions of African-Americans to the country's maritime sector. The museum is housed in a historic waterfront structure and is appropriately Commemorating the life of two distinguished men of color, Frederick Douglass and Isaac Myers, and the invaluable contribution of Maryland's African-American community to the maritime industry, this museum is suitably housed in a historic structure fronting the Inner Harbor. The museum recreated the first African-American shipyard in the country. Here Frederick Douglass and Isaac Myers worked their method up from shipyard laborers to African-American leaders. Visitors can follow the steps of Douglas from his life as a slave to a free man and ultimately becoming one of the leaders of the movements to abolish slavery. The museum commemorates the contributions of free-born Black American Isaac Myers as a trade union leader and cooperative organizer.

Baltimore Civil War Museum

Found near the President Street Station, it is the location of the very first bloodshed of the Civil War when southern sympathizers encountered Massachusetts volunteers transiting to Washington. The station, integrated in 1849 and the oldest surviving railroad station in a city setting, together with the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad were essential parts of the Underground Railroad, a network of secret paths utilized by slaves to escape to liberty in the northern states and Canada.

National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

Founded by Baltimore-couple Dr. Elmer and Joanne Martin, intending to celebrate the great people of color who made excellent contributions to society, this museum is similar to the world-renowned Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. The institute boasts its collection of more than 150 life-sized and life-like wax figures of people of African-descent who played vital parts in the United States and world history. In addition to these images, it likewise displays different artifacts on African-American history such as a reproduction of a slave ship that once docked the ports of Baltimore. The exhibits also provide the visitors a glimpse at the contribution of African-Americans on different fields from war and politics to civil rights movements around the world to science and innovation and the arts and literature.

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture

Established in honor of Baltimore's great African American attorney, Reginald F Lewis, the museum is Maryland's prime destination for Black American heritage. This museum offers various exhibits on African-American history, musical performances, workshops for kids, lectures, and extensive resources on genealogy. If you get hungry from taking a look around, no need to worry. The museum has an in-site cafe that provides great food the will definitely feed your soul.

Other Activities Baltimore Has to Offer

Aside from these sites focused primarily on African American history and culture, there are more destinations and activities available for your whole group to make your Baltimore African American heritage tour memorable. You can visit the National Aquarium to see the wonders of the seven seas. Baltimore is also a hub for many wonderful art museums. For more American history, your whole group can head up to the Fort McHenry National Historic Shrine and the Star-Spangled Banner House. The Port Discovery Children’s Museum and the Maryland Science Center are great places for children. And the whole family can enjoy the multiple water activities available around the waterways of the city of Baltimore such as the Urban Pirates and the Spirit of Baltimore Cruise.


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