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Exciting Things to Do in Port Stephens

by olivia williams 4 months ago in travel lists
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Port Stephens is a beautiful strip of land that has a lot to offer its visitors. Here are some options for you in Port Stephens such as dolphins cruises, sand dune trips and more.

Port Stephens in New South Wales is an iconic destination as it has played a seminal role in putting Sydney on the map. The place covers an area twice as big as Sydney Harbour and there are so many things you can do while you’re in Port Stephens. If you’re unsure about how to get around this part of the city, here are some excellent options for you.

Meet and Greet the Dolphins of Port Stephens

If we must say, Port Stephens is one of the best places in Sydney where you can meet the mysterious dolphins from up close. Whether you wish to get a glimpse of the dolphins or swim with them, there are several exciting options for you. Of all the options on offer, a Port Stephens dolphin cruise is our best choice for you. Get aboard one of these cruises which will take you around the important areas where the dolphins are frequently spotted throughout the year. If you’re more curious to know about these marvellous marine animals, be sure to get aboard one of those cruises which allow you to swim with the dolphins. Not to mention, Port Stephens is the one and only place in NSW where swimming with the dolphins is a possible experience. More than dolphin watching in Port Stephens, swimming with the dolphins is an experience that has more takers. So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for this unforgettable experience in Port Stephens today!

Explore the Sand Dunes in Port Stephens

The coastal sand dunes of Port Stephens are an iconic attraction in New South wales. The sand dunes in Port Stephens are claimed to be the largest moving dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. The Stockton Bight sand dunes in Worimi Conservation is a long stretch of land from Anna Bay to Newcastle. Enjoy the beautiful sand dunes with a thrilling 4WD tour that is suitable for all ages and abilities. There is, of course, a knack to driving along the beach such as partially deflating the tyres. You can also enjoy sandboarding, an exciting sport where you sit on a board and slide down the sand dunes. There are friendly sandboarding instructors to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Port Stephens Camel Ride

Port Stephens camel rides are quite popular among both the locals and tourists visiting the area. After all, riding on a camel is not so common in Australia, that too along the sand dunes and the beach. Oakfield Ranch in Port Stephens is one of the most important camel riding destinations, which is home to some 70 camels which offer you amazing beach rides. The camel rides take you back in time and offer a great perspective of the Worimi Country. At Oakfield Ranch, you will find dromedary camels which are bred wild in the Australian outback. Camels have been a main mode of transportation since the 1840s for construction purposes during the colonial times. With its ability to travel long distances without water and food, makes it a good and strong animal alongside the Waler horse breed.

Go on The Tomaree Mountain Walk

The Tomaree Mountain Walk is a wonderful attraction and a must-do for the locals and tourists here. The entrance of the Walk is situated at the end of Shoal Bay within the limits of Tomaree National Park. It is a 1 kilometre steep walking track, perched 161 metres above the sea level. This picturesque walk offers sweeping views of the Zenith Beach and the Shoal Bay. Prepare yourself for some of the best views of the Port Stephens up here at the Tomaree summit.

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