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Family Days Out For Kids: Top 19 Must Visit Attractions


Who does not love a family day out? The UK surely has great options for literally every age. So for family outings, how would you know which place is wholesome to visit with family that is not only refreshing for adults but freshening for your 7 to a 12-year-old kid? Spending hard-earned money means you expect the place to be entertaining, mind refreshing, and joyous enough to help you create everlasting, precious memories. So here are our recommendations for 18 best UK attractions you must visit with your kids before they turn 12; we make sure that every dime and minute of yours is worth it!

1. BeWILDerwood

Why you should visit:

Anti-theme-park, Bewilderwood offers an unplugged experience full of fantasy, fun, and adventure. Explore tree houses, zip-wires, rickety bridges and meet some of the mystical creatures who inhabit the woods. Parents can still discover their inner child and get stuck into the adventure too! BeWILDerwood is the dream world of Twiggles & Boggles. An award-winning, forest full of family fun in Norfolk & Cheshire. A wholesome place for a family to spend hours running, whirring, and clambering on the sustainable wooden play structures. From ropewalks to climbing walls, balancing logs, and mazes in a beautiful forest-like setup, it is a dream to live with the kids on a day out. With tree houses, zip wires, jungle bridges, storytelling, and boat trips it is a complete adventure and fun within budget.

2. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Why you should visit:

A true Harry Potter fantasy is what Warner Bros Studio is about. Live on the magical set, discover the tricks of spellbinding special effects, and explore the real Harry Potter Film with wide eyes. What is more exciting than boarding the HOGWARTS EXPRESS at platform 9 ¾ and getting to see the GREAT HALL? A little expensive but worth spending every dime for the true happiness of your kid. Great place for all ages because who doesn't love Harry Potter?!

3. Forbidden Corner

Why you should visit:

The Forbidden Corner is a unique muddle of tunnels, chambers, and a lot of silliness along with amazing surprises created within a four-acre garden in the heart of Tupgill Park and the Yorkshire Dales. Definitely, a place to spend weekends with the family. Full of fun and amazing activities that are tiring but exciting at the same time.

4. Black Pool

Why you should visit:

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Blackpool is like a beach that has a lot to offer from a good seaside view to fun rides for all ages which makes it a lot more fun. From circus full of performances and shocking stunts to 4D tower makes a family weekend complete and wholesome. Surely a great place to enjoy fish and chips with your child and build sandcastles around you. A true family treasure cave. All in one.

5. Bounce Below

Why you should visit:

Who does not like to BOUNCE? Well, this place is exactly what you need to relive your childhood with your children now. A great place for a family day out where there is the biggest trampoline to jump on and that also UNDERGROUND! Bounce Below is a fun shot of pure bliss. Discover the world's first subterranean playground, hidden within a huge network of caverns, and experience the fantastic fun of sliding down the giant slides twice the height of a double-decker bus!! Discover your inner child as you look out for your child.

6. Llandudno

Why you should visit:

Yet another seaside, fun family destination! Llandudno is an attraction because of its marvellous shops and eateries and of course the beach to relax on. The most fun is traveling up the Great Orme through a cable car; it gives you an ancient vibe that drags you away from this century and lets you live the REAL life!! Great for a family day out to enjoy the beach and know about the town before you visit! One of our favorite days out – a real traditional day out at the seaside. With a lovely, pebble beach, traditional pier, and gorgeous beachfront buildings. You also have to do the trip with ice-creams and fish and chips.

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