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Earth's First Iconic Duo: Water And Land

by Howling Wolf 6 months ago in nature

When Water merges with Land, Life begins

Earth's First Iconic Duo: Water And Land
Credit to Creator: Ben Thouard

Before time was time. Even before the moment the first earthly organism crawled out of existence, Land and Water were already here.

From the early years at grade school, we learn that if you put a seed in dirt and pour a little water on it, expose it to light, it will grow. If you walk to a shore of a river, lake, or ocean you will see trees, shrubs, flowers, other green life growing along the water.

When you create a garden, you plant seeds and either you wait for rain or you spray down the garden with a water hose, so your plants and food will grow.

In so many words, the most iconic duo that ever existed is water and land. Together, life is created.

Land in Tennessee

Trees grow along shores all over this vast world. The advantage trees have to the life here on earth, is lifesaving. Trees are known to boost people's health, well being and productivity. Trees are also a natural defense against flooding. Trees absorb the rain water and make the soil more permeable. It slows and regulates the flow of water.

Trees are also cut down and used for paper, toilet paper, and other essentials us humans need to survive. Trees are used for homes of different animals through out this whole world.

Farmers use land and water to their advantage. If it wasn't for farmers planting and rain water mixing with their seeds, we wouldn't be able to buy the food we needed from the stores. We would essentially starve to death.


71% of this earth is covered in water. 29% is land. In order for life to be sustained her on earth, whether it be human beings or animals, both need the land and water. Life can only live without water for days at a time until they pass away from dehydration.

Without water and land, food would not be had. Food grows from inside of the land to the tallest of trees, but it doesn't matter where the food is grown, it is essential to all life. Animals will climb the tallest trees for fruit that has grown at the very top.

Seeds will fall from food bearing trees or blow through the air from other life sources near by. Rain will fall from the sky or a flood could happen and water these seeds which causes more life to emerge.

Bugs will crawl along the greenery and sip the drops of water off the vegetation. If these bugs go to too much water, they can drown. But one tiny drop of water is essential to their lively hood. Rather a human being drinking gallons of water is essential to them. If they had just a drop like the bug had, it wouldn't be enough to live off of. They could die.

Flowers bloom from the rain that hits the earth where their seeds lay. Bees and other bugs suckle from the pollen of the flower and create food for them. Birds carry seeds from one part of the land to the other. Just like when birds swoop down to eat fish eggs, sometimes they carry them to another body of water and it creates fish in this new body of water. Humans will then walk to this lake to catch these fish, to take home and eat.

All life on earth pretty much can begin with land and water. Life is born on earth, then later becomes part of the earth. If you pour water on that earth, then life begins again. It's the circle of life. Water and Land are everlasting

Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf
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