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Dubai tourist visa for UK: Applications, Requirements, Where to apply

Apply Dubai Tourist Visa - Complete Guide

By Dubai Visa ServicesPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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Applying for a Dubai visa is much easier now other than the old traditional method of the visa process. One can proceed through an express Dubai visa to visit Dubai on an urgent base. In such a case, you can apply for a Dubai visa from the UK. With 10 plus years of experience, the UK visa team deals so effortlessly with the applicant's queries and visa applications.

Their experience and expertise in work make them much more professional other than the rest. You will receive excellent visa services from the team as they are 24 hours available to work on the client's query regarding application procedures, requirements, and processing time. If you are looking to visit Dubai for tourism, then the visa process is almost nothing to do. You can apply online for a Dubai tourist visa and will receive the approved visa online in the form of a PDF or JPG.

All you need to know about the process and the requirements while applying for a Dubai tourist visa from the UK. Dubai is coming up as a most popular tourist destination around the globe. The city is the holiday center in the Middle East, as millions of visitor visits every year for tourism, entertainment, shopping, and business.

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Tourist Visa-

Dubai is the safest and most secure Gulf country to spend your holiday's period in. From shopping to adventure fun, iconic architecture proofs, and the most loving cuisine of Dubai will always have your heart anytime you visit. Also when it comes to transit destinations Dubai is the top and most famous one, as almost all the international flights from Asia to Europe are connected geographically with Dubai international airport. Anytime in the whole 12 months of the year you can visit Dubai and will see the tourism percentage at a hike.

Summertime is the best suit for shopping festivals in the malls, while winter is made to experience adventurous outdoor activities like a hot air balloon ride, IMG world of the adventure theme park, and much more. All you need is a verified Dubai tourist visa before exploring the magical city. If you are planning to visit Dubai from the UK then applying for a visa is much easier now.

Know more about Dubai tourist visa-

A Dubai tourist visa is required for foreign nationals whose nationality doesn't avail of the facility of an arrival visa. Dubai tourist visa is a short-term visa that remains valid for 30 to 90 days and can only be used for the tourism period. Depending on the nationality one can also get an arrival visa for UAE, so no visa process is required to be done before leaving your country.

Else if you have to apply for the visa, you can do so in just three simple steps. Now the whole visa process is online, you don't need to wait long just for appointment bookings and then in a long queue for documents verifications and biometrics. Now all the processes could be done online within a couple of minutes. First, you need to know about the basic requirements that are required before applying for a Dubai visa.

Essentials for online Dubai tourist visa for UK-

There are some essentials required while applying for a Dubai tourist visa online especially for UK nationals:-

  • Valid email address
  • Available and correct mobile number.
  • Correct personal details i.e. Full name, Date of birth, passport no. and its issue and expiry dates, nationality, residential address itinerary proofs, and travel dates.

Apart from essentials you need to be prepared with the necessary documents at the time of applying for a Dubai visa from the UK. Check out the documents list and get prepared accordingly.

  • Scanned copy of passport.
  • Passport-size photograph with white background.
  • Correct application details.
  • Scanned copy of UK residence permit.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Itinerary proof.
  • Bank approval letter.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Slip of paid visa fee.

These are significant Dubai visa requirements that one should be prepared with at the time of applying for an online Dubai tourist visa.

Steps to apply for a Dubai tourist visa-

Now getting a Dubai visa is very simple for UK nationals. You can apply online for it without any hassle. All that is required is to fill out the online application form with the correct details, then upload the scanned copy of the required documents. Once the documents is being uploaded it will ask to proceed with the visa fee.

After completing the payment don't forget to attach the pay slip with the amount that you paid. That's all the whole visa process is done. Now all you need is to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours to get the e-visa via email in the form of a PDF or JPG. See, traveling to Dubai from the UK is much easier now, don't waste a single minute apply now and book your vacation in Dubai.

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