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Dreaming of Germany

by Sunny Dolen about a year ago in europe

Traveling Abroad

Dreaming of Germany
Photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

Once it is safe again to go out and enough money has been saved up, I want to plan a trip to the beautiful alps of Germany and also explore the wondrous cities. I also want to go to all the cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and museums there, as well as travel to the parks and gardens there. I want to travel abroad and visit what was formerly known as East and West Germany, walk along the cobblestone streets, and look at all the lovely buildings.

Before I go to Germany next year, I have to save a lot of money for a plane ticket, a hotel room, food, tickets for a museum or a movie theater, buss and train tickets, and all the other expenses such as food, water, and snacks. I will also need to get a passport, make sure my ID is current, and convert my US dollars to Euros, making sure it is the equal amount. Once I have done all that, I will need to pack my bags.

I will need my passport, ID, money for the trip and everything else, an ample supply of socks and underwear, deodorant, travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, a camera, a flashlight, pajamas, and other supplies I need, such as any hygiene products I may need while on my trip.

Before I pack, I will need to get a passport, book a fight and a room, and plan all the stops I will be going to while in Germany. I also should get a map when I get there so I can find all the places I want to go to so I will not get lost. I may also need someone who can help me and the native Germans to understand each other.

Once I have my passport and all the things I need all packed up, I will then go to the airport to board my flight. The flight attendant will take my bags to the plane and I will sit in a first class window seat. I will drink champagne and eat chocolate. I will be relaxed, happy, and will listen to music while flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Once I get off my flight, the flight attendant will take my bags to the car and help me in. Then the driver will take me to my destination and will drop me off. I will get into my hotel room and sleep all night and then take a walk at the park in Berlin. Then, I will go to one of the cafes and order some coffee and a slice of cake.

The next day, I will go to the movies and then go swimming in the hotel pool. Then, I will take a nap in my room, watch TV. Then, I will have dinner in my room, take a shower, then go to bed to dream again. I will wake up the next morning and write more of the story I have been working on, because writing is something I enjoy. To me, writing is not work but play.

The day after that, I will go to the museum and art gallery and look at all the paintings and take pictures and take notes afterwards. I like to keep records of everything. I will then take a train and go back to the park for another walk. In Berlin, I will walk all day long, because there is so much to look at. I will also travel by train to get to Frankfurt and other cities in Germany to see what else there is to see. I will also see Munich and every place there, because all the buildings, skyscrapers, and different shops are all so charming and cute!

On my last day, I will take one more walk through my favorite part and take more pictures, then I will read some more in my hotel room with some coffee. I will start packing my bags up again and get ready to go back home. I will be sad to have to leave this beautiful place, but will start planning my next trip back someday. This whole trip was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute.

The next day, I will head to the downstairs lobby, return my room key, and get into the car to go to the airport, passport and everything else ready to go. I will be dropped off at the airport and board my flight back to the US. I will keep my headphones in and look at all the pictures I took while in Germany. Flying back over the Atlantic Ocean, I will feel so glad I went on this amazing trip but feel sad that I have to leave now. It will always be a happy memory in my heart forever. I will be home, soon.

I call my parents on the phone and tell them all about my adventures while I was visiting Germany for the first time and how exciting it was. They will literally grill me on everything. I will also tell all my friends about it. I will send pictures to my friends and family and tell them I cannot wait to see them, again. I know they miss me.

Then, I will get out of the plane and into the next cab to take me home, again. I get out of the car and the driver will help me get all my bags to the house. I will thank the driver and tell him to have a great day. I will go inside the house and go to bed early, because I am feeling so exhausted after the long trip. I have a dream about Germany and all the great people I met and the things I did and what a great experience it was.

I wake up the next morning before work, only to realize it was all just a dream and none of this really happened. I am so disappointed and really sad, so I make my plans to take a real trip to Germany, knowing exactly how I want to spend my time. I smile, knowing that someday, I will get to visit the most beautiful place in the world, Germany. I will someday get to visit all the nice restaurants, bars, taverns, cafes, cinemas, and so much more. Someday, I will visit Germany, and there I will find someone who loves me and we will take the train together and then we will also get married, eventually. We will be so happy together!

I hope you really enjoyed going on this adventure with me. I will see you all again, soon.




Sunny Dolen

I love to write non- fiction and activism blogs. I write a lot about Autism and LGBTQ+ rights. I also write about my feelings here. I will be doing some fiction here, soon!

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Sunny Dolen
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