Don't Go Here On Vacation!

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Don't Go Here On Vacation!

So, you have decided to go on vacation. Where you go depends on who all is going. Is it to be a romantic vacation for Honeymooners, love birds, anniversary couple, or a family trip with the kids? This all decides where and why you are going for your vacation. This is easy, now you can decide where you want to go. Have you ever considered where not to go on vacation? Whether it is a road trip or airplane ride, these places should probably be avoided.

Road trips are a great way to see things you would normally not see on a plane and can be a great learning experience for all involved. Remember to pack snacks, drinks, and games to play while out on the road too. Some places should be avoided, such as Mississippi. While gas prices are cheaper, and there are some sites to see, the roads have a terrible history of being poorly maintained, with potholes galore. North Dakota is another one with a bad track record. There are long, dangerous roads, specifically the one most traveled by oil rigs. Besides that, it takes forever to go from one place to another.

One state of importance to avoid for road trips would be South Carolina. According to this website, a police chase usually results in fatalities, one out of every three chases. A good many of them involve innocent bystanders out for a family ride. Do yourself a favor, don't become a statistic.

As for traveling overseas, here are a few more places to avoid. Eritrea, Africa is one to certainly avoid. It might be safe to travel around, but you can't eat or drink anything. Most of the water is contaminated and has left many tourists with illnesses. That's no fun. You may want to visit Vietnam for its beauty, culture, and ancient buildings, however, there are still many unfound explosive landmines hidden throughout the country. While you would think that Chernobyl would not even be thought of, there is a curiosity that draws people here. They have recently opened lower-level radiation areas that can be visited. Really? It's still radiation, so don't consider this fool hearty trip. Here are a few more spots mentioned in this site.

No matter where you may decide to visit, there are always hazards to traveling in the unknown. If you are not used to driving on curvy mountainous roads, maybe you should sit that one out, especially in Winter. In some areas at the base of the mountain, it is a beautiful sunny cool day, while the higher you climb, the colder it gets, resulting in ice on roads. Also, cell phones usually do not work in the mountains, so you can't readily call for help.

You love the ocean breezes, the cool sand, and the roar of the waves, so you pack up and head to the ocean. Please be aware if you can't swim well, stay out of the ocean. There are far too many sad stories of family members drowning. Even if you can swim, listen to the weather reports, and watch out strong waves and also mean undertow currents. Even the most avid have succumbed to this.

Check websites about the dangers of certain areas you will be traveling to. This will lessen the chances of your dream vacation being ruined. You can be a tourist, but try not to "stick out like a sore thumb" while doing it. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in it. Don't stray too far from the tourist areas when traveling abroad, although sometimes the tourist areas are havens for pickpockets, so closely guard your belongings, and have fun!

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