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Do These Top MUST DO Things In LA!

by Kyle Smith 2 months ago in activities

Pack Your bags and let’s go!

Do These Top MUST DO Things In LA!
Photo by Joseph Ngabo on Unsplash

California dreaming On all Of The cool things to do In LA!

So you’re probably planning to at least cross off Los Angeles on your bucket list among the few destinations you’d like to visit art some point in your life. No worries,I have you covered! With such a vast space and plenty to explore and do, Los Angeles is known as the entertainment and movie capital of The U.S. There’s so many different ways to enjoy the Sunny Califfornia city that glitz with celebrities, a world famous basket ball team and fashion spots, but you just need to know where to start first.

Luckily for you, I have conducted some of the most uniquse ways to explore the City Of Angels that‘s affordable for most folks who want to feel like a star for a day, or a few days.

LA Truth bombs To Consider:

*You definitely need a car to get around LA!It doesn’t have good walkablitiy or a ubiquitous public transportation system Like San Francisco or NYC.It’ll be a exellent idea to rent a car to get around more effectively.

*There’s a homeless problem in Downtown and surrounding areas of LA. Those who are used to slow moving small towns or cities are subject to out of town culture shock.

*You will be subject to climate change based heat wave conditions or terrain droughts depending on when you travel to California. Spring or during January is probably their best time to visit Los Angeles.

*LA Traffic is crappy. Not going to lie to you. So plan your route around the city if necessary.

*LA is massive, with different towns within the city. Your best bet is to spend at least 2 weeks there.

Ready to book your trip to LA? Do it with Kyle’s Trip Saver (click here) and trust me, you won’t find low prices like this anywhere else, I’m a travel agent.

For the kiddos,Get The Universal Express Tickets!

By Christian Chen on Unsplash


Let’s start with the kids.If you bring them with you on vacation spots or a major city like LA, you might want to save some time waiting in line with other people, especially now that folks are coming back from lockdown.

So grab your Universal Express Ticket for a elevated experience at Universal Studios Hollywood. Good for you, and for the kids,in addition, it’ll just save you time!This is Universal Studios Hollywood’s best offer because you’ll get all-day admission to the parks as well as one-time express access to each ride, attraction, and show the park offers. A limited number of Express Tickets are available each day, so it’s best to pre-purchase your Exprerss Tickets to assure your position in front of the line. Plus think about the kids and how impatient they get waiting in line, you definitely don’t want to replicate that experience with other theme parks or attractions from previous vacations or outings do you?

Party Animal? Consider this All Out Nightlife Party Tour

By Jeff Tumale on Unsplash

Price: $35

Party hard in the heart of Downtown LA,at one of Los Angeles’ hottest nightlife destinations, on an epic club bouncing tour with up to 100 other party people and tour hosts. bar and club bounce at four different bars and clubs across Downtown, without waiting in lines, no wait times and no cover charge—and meet like-minded travelers along the way. You’ll hit four of Downtown LA’s hottest venues on a hosted club crawl Zip straight past any lines with zero cover charges.It’s the best method to meet some party people and start off the weekend! Ideal for for birthdays or spring breakers.

LA Helicopter Tour

By Colton Jones on Unsplash


It’s a romantic helicopter tour of Los Angeles that couples will enjoy, if they aren’t scared of helicopter rides. You and your date gain access to a private helicopter ride for two over top Los Angeles sights and stunning California coastline, plus a 30-minute landing on a secluded mountain top in Malibu. When you finally land, enjoy a private Champagne toast and dessert while admiring the views. A bit pricy yet definitely worth it if you’d like to go all out on a date. Plus considering how spread out the landscape in LA seems to be, this will help cover all of the areas that would have you in traffic on the busiest of days(which is everyday on non holidays) and it’ll also save you some time.


By Cameron Venti on Unsplash


This is not your average run of the mill tour of Los Angeles.. Total opposite!

This LA VIP TOUR is customized and loaded with discussions about Los Angeles heart,culture and history. When the tour is over, you’ll have all the "Must Have" LA pictures, make new unique friends with LA locals, and have a huge smile on your face! Throughout your VIP tour, you’d have 3-4 actual stops at the most iconic locations around the city of angels, and get the best photo opportunities as well as the stories behind the places by your own local tour guide. They’ll then cruise through the mountains for the BEST outlook points like the famous Mulholland Dr, make a stop at the HOLLYWOOD SIGN (SUPER CLOSE), and jump out at famous Palm Trees' Street. Also, you’ll see the American Film Academy, where hundreds of blockbusters were filmed and explore the hidden spots of Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr, AND MORE!

This tour is ideal for travelers, friends, couples, families, or groups of up to 8 people.

Ferrari Tour

By Sam Pearce-Warrilow on Unsplash


Explore the Hollywood sites behind the wheel of an exotic Ferrari sports car!It’s an unforgettable and unique experience to actually test drive a REAL Ferrari in California on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Also cruise through the scapes of the City, on a tour up to the Hollywood sign viewpoint, and expereince the adrenaline of driving such a luxury vehicle! Come back home with plenty of wonderful memories of you in front of The Ferrari.

So if you want to be fancy and bi curiously live through the rich and famous of California, this tour is most ideal for you. It’s for car lovers and collectors who would usually not have the opportunity to test drive luxury sports cars.

Where Could I Find more Things To Do In Los Angeles?

For more fun activities to do in Los Angeles or anywhere else, check out this link here.


Kyle Smith

I’m an entrepreneur,up and coming manga artist, and an Apple tech guy.

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Kyle Smith
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