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The Ancient Underground City...

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Derinkuyu (The Ancient Underground City)

Derinkuyu underground city in Turkey. It’s an ancient underground city said to be from 8th century BCE. Said to be made in the Byzantine era, by the Phrygians. Then the Phrygian language died out during Roman times and Greek language began to be used by inhabitants. It has 5 levels going deep underground over 200 feet. It was used by different civilizations over the millennia. Said to have sheltered over 20-30,000 people at a time with their live stock and all necessities.

It is the largest underground city found in Turkey, one of many underground cities found in the region of Cappadocia. The city could be closed off from the inside, also each level could be sealed off from the other. Making it impenetrable as big slabs of stone would be rolled into place from inside blocking any entering of the city. It was a place for protection from raids and invading forces. Used many times by people to escape certain death. Also it has links to other underground cities nearby. Such as Kaymaklı Underground City. These underground refuges are found all around in the same region. In ancient astronaut theory it is said this was a place for hiding when ruling alien factions were in control of the planet and at war with each other. But let’s stick to the historical part of this amazing place.

This city was in high use for many years. It was also a place where Christianity grew. Also used by Christians to hide from the Mongolian incursions of Timur in the 14th century. The natives would hide there from the Turkish Muslim rulers at the time. All the way up to the 20th century the city was used by natives to hide from waves of wars that happened over the millennia. It is an amazing achievement that still can be used to this day for survival which the ancients created. Also it is completely camouflage, flying over you cannot notice the city or its air intake and output system.

It is not the only underground city in the region. In the region of Turkey known as Cappadocia, many underground cities can be found most link to others through long 8-10 kilometer passages leading to other cities. So at one point in history it was a underground metropolis of many cities connected. With each underground city being able to hold tens of thousands of years people. Why were all these people living underground when ever the cities were made as they really can’t be dated, only what is found inside can be dated but not the cities as they are carved out of the rock and we can’t date rock yet with our current technology. So these cities can be much older than mainstream states and just reused by different civilizations over the eons or millennia. Why were they living underground was it the ice age period or even a point in time like when a asteroid hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs our ancient ancestors built and survived in these cities underground. It is a great mystery. Also there are theories they were hiding from something in the sky as from the sky the cities are completely camouflaged, so invaders from the sky can’t see or find the cities but if invaders came on ground they may have been able to find these cities and cover the air tunnels and such and kill off the people living within. So it seems they were hiding from something in the sky and not invaders from other regions as those invaders would have found the cities. This region is very mysterious and has some of the oldest archeological sites in the world such as Goglebi teke which is dated to be from around 11,500 years ago. Which makes it a predeluge/preflood civilization that thrived there. A well developed civilization with monolithic architecture and more. They had great knowledge whoever they were.

What lost knowledge lies in this region? Why was it made that you cannot see it from the air or sky? Is there more to the story of this city we have yet to discover? Also can it be much older than currently thought to be? These are all questions still being asked. Also why so many underground cities in the same region? What do you think? Do you have any knowledge of the ancient underground city? This is an amazing place to visit as well and see the architecture and precision of our ancenstors. Ancestors who we once thought were primitive but now with all the archeological discoveries and Ooparts (out of place artifacts) found around the world, we are finding that they were far from primitive. I can just imagine what new discoveries await us as the past decade has been amazing for archeologists, all around the world. Thank you for taking time to read my summary of this magnificent place.


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Alfred Cosme
Alfred Cosme
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