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Dangerous Hikes in the World

Hikes that reach at world's end.

By Trekk EarthPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Hiking is one of the most loved outdoor sport or activity all around the world. Hiking is the best way to explore the endless and adoring beauty of nature. But everything comes with a price, and hiking is no different, you have to give your all to scale up the rocky mountains and make your own way to reach the destinations. While there are so many hikes that are too easy and don't require extreme training or skills, on the other side there are some dangerous hikes that can scare you even if you are an experienced hiker. Not only these hikes scare you but some of them also are just worlds end, which very few hikers can conquer. So, let's see what are these hikes and the dangers involved while hiking them. 

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

One of the dangerous hikes in the world Mount Pinatubo sits on the surface of the Philippines. The adoring beauty of the mountain hides the dark side of the mountain trail, more than 73 victims fell of during hiking up the Mount Pinatubo craters lake. You will be surprised the reason behind so many fell victims is not trail difficulty but tons of sulfur gas on the mountain. The hike is one of the moderate- easy hikes but the fear of the volcano tendency to blow up again is always there.

Via Ferrata, Italy and Austria

Via Ferrata in Italy which is also known as an iron way. If you are one who loves trills and want to try your dareness then you will be amazed to see this trail. The trail is leader trail and the route is used by troops back in world war 1. Although the trail is secured by cables, ropes, wooden walkways, and suspension bridges, still your life depends on the hinges and the strength of the carabiner setup(used to hold the bridge). What makes the trail even more dangerous is the big rocks and ledges that you have to climb up to complete your journey.

Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

New Zealand the home of many pro hikers. While New Zealand people love hiking there is still one trail that can distract the experienced hikers as well. Cascade is an 11-mile trail, offers one of the beautiful photogenic views you could ever see. Besides its beauty the trail is very dangerous because of too much slipperiness on the trail, It becomes more difficult to conquer when it is raining. Till date it has caused many injuries to the hikers, there are many cases of deaths also.

The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

The Maze, Canyonlands is ranked in the top 10 lists of most dangerous hikes in the USA, its because it is full of dead ends, the region is prone to flash floods and dangerous rockfalls the other primary reason is lack of water. Although besides the dangers associated with it, still it receives more than 2000 new visitors every year. Before visiting The Maze I would suggest you take an experienced guide or experienced hiker with you, and never forget to carry the important gear in your backpack.  

Mount Huashan, China

Considered as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world Mount Huashan trail is situated at the heights of the sky. If you afraid of heights don't think twice to skip this hike. The trail makes its way through narrow wooden planks attached to the mountain. But before reaching the planks, one should climb up a vertical staircase, the staircase is only supported by chains. Through the hike, there are some parts where wooden planks disappear and place for only one foot is left.


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