City of "Lost Souls"

by Emily 4 days ago in europe

We all feel lost sometimes and and big cities sometimes make us feel insignificant, why is it?!

City of "Lost Souls"
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London is the typical definition of whirlwind of nationalities, cultures and just in general the variety of people you find here, which is great if you are trying to blend in to a place. Here you can blend in without actually fitting in at all. There are so many out here, so people don`t judge much or even care sometimes. It`s a gorgeous place to live in, because it has history and culture, you can always find something you like. But there is an other side to it all, a darker one. Because there are so many people, so many different cultures in there, you can feel so alone in the middle of the crowd. Literally being a drop in the sea. With all the improvement of the social aspect of technology, we feel more and more isolated from people, even if they live right by us. I don`t think this part is rare, it happens everywhere. Nobody likes that, but I guess, it is what it is. Right?!

I`m not going to talk much about the social media part of it this time, maybe next time. I wanted to talk a little more about this being a drop in the sea, being alone in the middle of the crowd. That concerns me a whole lot, especially seeing and experiencing it here in London every day. I`m sure, London isn`t the only one with this problem, I can imagine that New York, LA and many other major cities have this problem as well. So let`s get to it. What do I mean under "lost souls", you might ask. Well... I mean people like me. People who come here with hopes and dreams, but soon realise the weight of the city itself. People who fall through the cracks. I think you are getting it by now. They are just everyday folks, just like you, but they are soul searching and trying to find themselves. I have met many people since I`ve been living here from many countries, many backgrounds, but there was something in common in them. They were in the process of finding what they wanted. They were all somewhat lost in life, and they were seeking some clarity, some light. Did they succeed?! Some did, some did not. Most of them didn`t get what or how they expected it. Some chased happiness, but they only found the reason why they wanted it so much. Some chased success, but only found the different definitions of success. I mean they got something they needed, but was it clarity or light, or more like life experiences?!

We are full of lost souls, who try to find where to fit in. Nowadays there are so many voices around us, but we don`t get a tour guide to navigate all those stormy waters, or even a dictionary to help us understand all of them. We walk around like zombies, going in and out of our jobs, trying to juggle our financials and social lives, but next to that, we are also have to figure out how to be the person who everyone wants us to be, and we neglect our mental health. Where is this all going?! I guess, we are heading to a direction that has a dead end or maybe a deep gap to dive right off the top of a mountain. Who knows?! Not many thing could surprise me in 2020 anymore.

But what`s wrong with having lost souls in the city?! Are there any positive sides of it?! You know, probably the only positive thing I have seen so far is the way how all those lost souls can connect to each other. When they meet, they feel less lost and as they connect they all feel like they belong. I kinda feel like, they are all like scattered puzzle pieces all around the floor. They are not even from the same box, but when they meet and they connect, they actually fit together. It`s beautiful in one way or another.

The problem is that sometimes those individual pieces end up under the rug, in a crack of a furniture or those pieces only meet in the vacuum cleaner after a big clean up. Those lost pieces stay lost, and I think that`s sad. They keep on trying to impress people while they wonder what`s the point, but they don`t know anything better.

Big cities are full of opportunities and many great things, but they are full of forgotten places, moments, people. Full of lost souls who want to be found.

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