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Caribbean Paradise

A Dream

By Mary McDonaldPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Caribbean Paradise
Photo by Roger Darnell on Unsplash

I don't know if you've ever been to St John in the USVI. There is debate over the history of St John but it is believed that area was first settled by nomadic hunter/ gatherers and there is a rare pre-historic site that dates back to 770 BC. I consider it truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. I'll admit I haven't been to a tremendous amount of places in my lifetime but of those I have visited none have come even close to the beauty of St John. There are many reasons that St John is so beautiful. The people are beautiful, the island is spectacular and the setting is just idyllic. The beaches are amongst the best in the world and the flora and fauna are awe inspiring in a quiet cozy island style.

Trunk Bay

If I could only be in one place for the rest of my life there is no question that this is where I would like to spend my days. What would I do here? I would spend lazy days at the magnificent beaches, walk through the town at Cruz Bay and do some island style shopping, take a ride over to beautiful Coral Bay admiring the coast line along the narrow roads and have lunch at Skinny Legs. I might spend the day at Maho Beach admiring and swimming with the families of sea turtles or exploring the reef at Trunk Bay. I could visit the sugar mines and imagine times from long ago. A hike of one of the many trails or a hike trail to a hidden beach sounds like a perfect day. Or maybe I would just spend the day reading or laying in a hammock. The best thing about St John is that you can decide to do very little and just relax on this quiet little island.

One of the best things about St John is the laid back style and the beautiful people of St John. The people are friendly and welcoming. They are proud of their island and they treasure its beauty. When you visit greet them by saying Good Morning or Good Afternoon as a measure of respect. The animals are also plentiful from the donkeys and the iguanas to the families of deer and the small and huge sea turtles. And let's not forget the land crabs that you can see shuffling around.

One of the most exciting times on the island of St John is Carnival week- the week of the 4th of July. This is a time of celebration and pride. The islanders prepare for weeks and they set up small huts that are personalized and decorated and they cook authentic island recipes and set up local vendor tables in the park square. It is an exciting time with much celebration and colorful parade down the middle of the town. This is the one time each year that St John makes a little noise. Once the Carnival is over things settle back again to the quiet sound of the surf rolling in.


One of the daily pleasures in St John is the beautiful sunsets. They can be seen from just about anywhere. You may stay on the beach or see one from a restaurant that you are dining in al fresco. No matter where you are the sunsets are truly memorable. I plan my evening to be sure to see each one while I am there.

St John is even beautiful at night, after the sun sets and when the lights can be seen from across the water in St Thomas or when the beauty of the beach still shines through.

The palm trees are plentiful and there are various styles throughout the island. When the winds blow in they sway with the breeze in the most relaxing way.

I only hope that you have the opportunity to visit my dream of a hometown. And for those of you who live there you most certainly do live in a paradise on earth and I know that you appreciate all the St John has to offer. The island is rich- it is rich in history and rich in its people and its never-ending beauty. It is a treasure on earth and meant to be cherished.


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Mary McDonald

Professor, behavior analyst, writer, artist. Her doctorate is in behavioral psychology. She works with individuals with autism and their families.

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