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Best Tourist Getaways in Waikiki


By galileapowellPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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Waikiki is a flat extension of Honolulu which is a well-reputed destination for all-inclusive beach resorts all over the world. And those resorts are graced with Sea magic at the South side. Most of the Hawaii visitors consider this destination for the perfect weekend timepass.

While Hawaiian island is not the core of attraction, Waikiki is the center of Honolulu’s center including all-inclusive interests. And that’s the only reason why even the tourists visiting Hawaii get influenced with the getaways in Waikiki love to spend their vacation here only.

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Getaways to Add While Planning Waikiki Trip

Experience a bit of the captivating sights to discover and exciting things to do throughout the destination with the list of the renowned attractions in Waikiki.

Waikiki Beach

However, Waikiki has a series of beaches, so it won't be that difficult for someone to spot and enjoy its lovely treat like sunbathing, watersurf, white-sand trekking and many others. Whether you are with your kids, partner, or friends, it is typically well-suited for all kinds of tours.

So, it would be better if you add the famous attraction–Waikiki Beach to your itinerary while planning the trip to Waikiki.

The Beach series of Waikiki starts from the westside and extends to the eastside stretch. Apart from the beachside timepass, if you’re concerned about the stay-inn, then let us tell you, every prominent seashore like Duke Kahanamoku Beach has an option for the people to stay.

Diamond Head Crater

The Diamond Head Crater is an extinct volcano at the edge of the Eastside in Waikiki and is well-known as Le'ahi in Hawaiian. Furthermore, it's the iconic landmark of the destination, the insights that are visible from the coastline is just a profile. The spectacular place to explore the crater in Waikiki for scenic beauty is Diamond Head State Monument.

A prolonged hiking alley rises from the crater roof to the panel, following a rather steep pathway, which ultimately diverts into stairs and confronts a perspective overseeing Waikiki. The road to Diamond Head Crater compels up the eastern side of the rock and then passes via a tunnel cut to link the internal and external rim sides.

Atlantis Submarine

Atlantis Submarine is the best option for those who have a phobia of water depth but find it exciting to see marine life. This is the only option in Waikiki that enables the people to meet the aquatic creature without getting wet in the depth of water.

However, they need to enter this source. Furthermore, this will let the experience be the same as scuba diving. So you should definitely add this to your wishlist to enjoy while entering the destination.

Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki Aquarium is the most prominent option to glance at while wandering across the places in Waikiki. Excursions represent both habitats and specific animals, including a large amount of the aquarium reserved for the ecology and inhabitants of coral reefs.

If you are on tour with your kids to this destination. In that case, we'd like you to consider exploring and let your juniors know about Hawaii's wonderful sea life and the South Pacific's marine inhabitant.

Honolulu Zoo

It is one of the exciting spots to visit in Waikiki and see the wild creatures on the earth. Honolulu zoo is a 42-acres span that encompasses all kinds of wild creatures like reptiles, birds, animals and amphibians. However, it's a zoo but this attraction is beyond its name.

Here, you can even glimpse the wide variety of plants that form a bit of a botanical Garden. Hawaiian Goose, Nene, and the Hawaiian Hawk, 'Io, tigers, elephants, monkeys, and Komodo dragons are some of the outdoor creatures that you can see while wandering the zoo.

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Things to Enjoy in Waikiki

It isn't expected to explore the destination without any outdoor activities. Therefore, we are here with the list of the activities that you can enjoy in Waikiki. And could confidently book the trip to the beach resort's destination.

  • Water Surfing
  • Exploring the wildlife and blooming botanical garden.
    • Snorkeling with the coral reefs
    • Scuba Diving
    • Discovering the unwater life via Submarine

    Enjoying the food festivals, Lei-making classes, concerts, and more at the international market.

    Waikiki is actually beyond the options mentioned above. So, better if you spot the destination and know how admirable Waikiki is.

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