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Best place for Bungee jumping in the world

by D sapkota 8 months ago in travel advice
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Best place for Bungee jumping in the world

Best place for Bungee jumping in the world
Photo by Simon Billy on Unsplash

The bridge, considered one of the best jumping spots in Africa, is not only suitable for crossing the bungee, but also an ideal place for nature lovers with its amazing views. Spring High Point in Italy is one of the best bungee jump destinations and is a tradition for adventure lovers. Trillill seekers reopened the first scene of Goldeneye's James Bond film 1995 when Pierce Brosnan ran into the Verzasca Dam between April and October and jumped the bungee from the 220-meter platform at its base.

It is no secret that New Zealand is the world leader in the adventure game of bungee jumping, which originated in the longest bump blast in the country, standing 134 meters above the water of the Queenstown Nevis River. Visit the Verzasca Dam in Ticino Valley in Switzerland, unfamiliar from the GoldenEye movie, to discover one of the best bungee jumps in the world.

The drop of jumpers is guided by ropes on each side to prevent you from landing at Macau Tower, but the ropes also affect the speed of the free fall provided by AJ Hackett, who jumped off the tower and announced in the Guinness Book of World Records the highest jump in the world.

The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungee Jump is one of the world’s leading Bungee Jumps and allows jumpers to reach an amazing 764 feet above the ground from the tower. The descent of Macau Tower holds the Guinness World Record of the highest bungee trade and is a favorite among adrenaline junkies. Aj Hackett was 15 years old when he acted as the longest bounce of the Macau bungee in the Guinness Book of World Records from Macau, China.

As one of the highest bungee jumping sites in the world, Bloukran Bridge offers a variety of activities. Bungee enthusiasts say the bridge offers a double dose of fun things by jumping from high-jump pods to a colorful bridge that offers panoramic views of the stunning side of Africa. Another function that takes place under a bridge can be zipped or thrown out of a bridge.

The Bloukrans Bridge is home to some of the world's highest commercial and natural resources in the heart of South Africa. Walk along the bridge until you reach the highest point of the arch and then climb into the widest ramps up to 216 meters above the Bloukran River.

Let’s get to one of the best places in the world to cross the bungee, Livingston Bridge in Zambia, which is the perfect place for this extreme sport. Especially the extreme crossing of the bungee, the high steel bridge is not only high, but also dangerous, and surrounded by green trees and thick blue rivers are unforgettable.

Adventure Mad Resort is located on the shores of the Bhote Kosi River, 60 miles south of Kathmandu and seven miles north of the Tibetan border, the only bungee jumping in the country. As one of the most popular meeting places in North America for bungee lovers and base jumpers, the open Rio Grande Gorge offers invincible views and dramatic drops from the largest bridge, as well as the highest bungee site in the United States.

The world's largest commercial bungee bridge is located 216 meters above the Bloukran River. Bloukran Bridge, which holds the title of one of the world's longest track bridges, was also the site of Africa's first bungee jump. With some simple and awesome discovery, the Europabruke Kolnbrein Bridge offers a 169m jump from one of the highest bungee jumping sites.

Not only is the Ponte Colossus Bridge 152 meters high but also known as "The Colossus" because of its large size and majestic bumps from the lush vegetation in the heart of the Biel Mountains of the Alps. The Nicked Spider Bridge is a spider web for rope and wire bridges, the world's highest suspension bridge, and one of the highest hills in Europe. Two steel-like bridges, one old and new, across the Colorado River in northern Arizona and connect the ramps north and south of the famous Grand Canyon and although the gorge is no longer as high as it once was, you can still pull into the red wall of the gorge to your quick side and skip the bungee jump.

Hulett's Guinness Book of World Records bungee jumping is at an altitude of 764 meters and was built 15 years ago to provide an urban international park. While this special bungee jump is very popular in the US because it is the highest jump in the country, the Bungee Expeditions offer jumping performance in Navajo Bridge, Rio Grande Bridge, and many other places in the Southwest and the Western United States, making it one of the most reliable and experienced companies in the industry. . What makes the Navajo Bridge in Idaho and Arizona one of the top 11 bungee jumping sites in the world.

Bloukrans Bridge, the longest arch bridge in the world, gained immense popularity during the sequence of the opening of the Bond film GoldenEye. That jump brought Kiwi AJ Hackett into a lifelong trend with a bungee jump, which led to him introducing the first commercial bungee jump to New Zealand on the Karawau Gorge suspension bridge.

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