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Best Hiking Trails in Italy

Hike the mountains and lakes of Italy.

By Trekk EarthPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
best hiking trails Italy

Hiking is the most amazing and thrilling experience in your life. And best hikes make them even more memorable. Italy a place about which many writers, painters have wrote about its beautiful places. So imagine how it will be to relive those experiences in real. It is a boot made for walking. To make your research easy we have collected countries best hiking trails. Here are the five best hiking trails in Italy.

1. Sella-Herbetet Traverse, Gran Paradiso, Piedmont

Sella- Herbetet Traverse, Gran Paradiso, Piedmont has made its place in the list of best hiking trails in Italy. Jewel- Colored lakes, forests and some of Italy's mountains makes this place a real exciting experience. Located 4061 m above the ground level is breathtaking and thrilling at the same time. It directly invites to its heart of natural beauty. A small town bridge in Valnontey, the Alta Via 2 trail goes to 2588m Rifugio Sella ( hunting lodge of King Vittorio Emanuele II ).

You will find a airy traverse Between here and Casolari dell'Herbetet, a park ranger's base to the south. Additional fun along with your group. Pack your gears abd explore this beauty that is encircled with spiky peaks, small glaciers lining the eastern skyline, and the mighty Ghiacciaio Tribolazioni below Gran Paradiso itself. Herds of ibex and chamois graze peacefully on steep patches of grass.

2. Sentiero degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

Let's talk about one of the best trekking and walking path in Southern Europe. Surrounded by wonderful beaches and medieval villages, the Amalfi Coast is worth trekking. While walking along the paths you won't only be amazed by its visual experience but the feeling you get by the scents and perfumes that made this little corner of Campania one of the favorite spot for artists, painters, writers, musicians and all the great romantic men and women.

You can plan with your partner a romantic getaway. And for the most sensitive souls just close eyes and hear the boat of Odysseus, who reached, according to the fable, the Coast of Amalfi.

3. Corno Grande, Abruzzo

One of the largest national parks of Italy, Corno Grande is dominating the landscape of Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso. And also the highest peak in Apennines. Although it's not the most visited spot in the country but it does have some treasures like mountains that you can surely can enjoy.

Via normale is the route that will provide you with views of the mountain and Adriatic, as well as Europe’s southernmost glacier, the Calderone.

4. Valtellina, Lombardy

Valellina area that is extended up to 200 km (125mi) in the northern region of Lombardy and in the middle of the Alps. Mainly the place is dominated by Dolomites, but it worth visiting to explore the parks and natural reserves is made around more than a third of the region. The Popular hiking trails include the Alta Via della Valmalenco, Gran Via delle Orobie, Sentiero della Pace ,and Via Alpina in Valtellina.

5. Italian Lakes

Italian Lake is the most crowded in the spring or autumn. It comprises of many lakes like Lake Como, Lake Garda. The breeze off the water keeps hikers cool and you can plan swimming too or an option for a boat is available. Lake Como is an ideal spot to see and relive the scenic towns such as Bellagio, Tremezzo ,or Varenna. As Lake Maggiore is off the beaten track, you can watch the Lake Garda fantastic hiking trails, cozy towns with local flavor. Plan a few nights trip on the hills of Torri del Benaco while having a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.


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