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Best German Casino Hotels

German Hotels

By Alex HayesPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

The concept of hotels is definitely not new. However, the idea of a hotel, combining the living premises and an entertainment area is relatively new. A great example of such a facility would be casino hotels, which are suited both for living and for gambling. Some may say they are made mostly for gamblers, but leisure or business travelers can enjoy them too.

The statistics show that casino hotels have a leading place in the gambling market as they provide a whole entertainment package, including accommodation, pools, spa, and much more.

However, for people who prefer the comfort of their own houses, it might be easier to gamble online, using various mobile and desktop apps. They can find hundreds of games online in casinos like German Luxury Casino, which offers games for every taste and wallet. And imagine playing all of them just sitting on your comfy couch.

Reasons for staying in a casino hotel

Besides the most obvious reason for staying in a casino hotel, which is all-in-one kind of entertainment, there are other important arguments that you may consider when choosing a place to stay while traveling. These arguments include:

Increased security. Casinos are places where big money is engaged. It’s only natural that there are more protective measures implemented in such places. It’s especially important nowadays when terrorism is not just a rumor anymore but imposes a serious threat;

Free accommodation options. If you are a high-roller gambler and planning on spending a lot of time in a casino, you might even get a free room, which usually costs a fortune. A lot of casino hotels offer their loyal customers the best rooms for free or at least with a discount. This way you can save on accommodation and stay in a luxury environment;

Amazing service. Casino hotels are really client-oriented. They strive to offer the best customer service you’ve ever experienced to make you want to come back. The staff at hotels is always ready to assist and cater to their customers.

Best German casino hotels

We all know about the gambling capital of the world — Las Vegas, USA. But what about the rest of the world, and, mainly, Europe? Is gambling legal there?

The member states of the European Union are autonomous in regulating gambling activities, as long as they comply with the TFEU — Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. The main destinations for gambling are Monaco, Czech Republic, France, etc. However, the “heart” of the European Union — Germany — has a lot to offer too. The majority of gambling activities are allowed and supported by the government or private enterprises. Only 2 out of 16 German states do not have offline casinos. Most of them belong to the public ownership. In fact, there are casino hotels there too.

One of the features of offline casino complexes in Germany is that they are usually separated from the living premises. This means that there are not many casino hotels, but you can still find some. As a rule, they partner with the best and closest hotels to offer their customers the whole variety of services. The most famous and largest German casino hotels are:

Spielbank Hohensyburg, located in Dortmund. It’s been operating for over 35 years and is also one of the oldest casinos in Germany. Its territory takes up around 6,000 square meters, which makes it the largest casino in the country. The casino has 35 table games and 400 machines. Besides the gambling area, casino offers two amazing restaurants, one of which has the Michelin Star;

Spielbank Duisburg is another option to stay in and gamble. It has a great adjoining hotel, which technically isn’t a part of the casino, but they are connected and offer mutual services and benefits to their clients. This casino is relatively new and was established in 2007. It has over 350 gambling machines and around 30 gaming tables. Another advantage of this casino is an amazing restaurant, which is regularly voted to be the best restaurant in Germany and is headed by a celebrity chef;

Spielbank Baden Baden is the oldest casino, founded in 1950. It features around 150 machines and 20 tables. It’s only 200 square meters, but has a lot of gambling and entertaining options. The casino has an upscale restaurant and even a night club. It doesn’t have a built-in hotel but has partnered with the largest one in the town. Both the casino and the hotel have special offers for guests staying in the hotel and playing in the casino.

Such casinos usually impose a set of certain rules on the customers. First of all, they all forbid smoking inside a casino; secondly, they have a mandatory dress code; thirdly, most casinos have an entrance fee, which, however, may be non-mandatory if you stay in the adjoining hotel.

Luxury Casino online

Unfortunately, now is not the perfect time for traveling and going to overcrowded places like hotels and casinos. For those who want to comply with the quarantine rules and prefer staying at home in the pandemic conditions, there is a great option of online casinos. You can get the experience of playing in a traditional German casino online, which is Luxury Casino.

By signing up and complying with a few conditions, you can even get the 1,000 euro bonus. This casino has a lot to offer in terms of loyalty programs. Depending on the time you’ve spent on the platform and your status, you get various bonuses and awards, which you can then use for gaming.

To summarize, it’s always great to have options whether to stay at home and gamble or go to a large casino hotel and enjoy the additional services. However, the current situation may require from all of us to choose the first option.


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