Best European Honeymoon destinations

Europe Honeymoon

Best European Honeymoon destinations

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Has a European honeymoon been on your mind? Are you looking to experience the quaint beauty of the European countryside, wondering if the hustle and bustle of the European way of life are what interests you or are looking for an entirely romantic touch to your trip, fret not !! Europe truly has something in it for everyone. A plethora of beautiful cities, breathtaking views, delicious yet exquisite cuisine coupled with a multicultural atmosphere is what you could expect on your card.

To ease things out for you, we’ve also gone ahead and listed down some of the best European honeymoon destinations just for you. Make the most of your honeymoon experience and head back home with memories of a lifetime.


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Famously known as the ‘City of Lights,’ Paris has been on the wishlist of almost every honeymoon couple since time immemorial. Could anything get more romantic than a multitude of fine dining hotels, stunningly beautiful views, a walk through some of the most stunning wineries in the world, or maybe even a romantic stroll through the streets of this beautiful city? To top all of the above, a visit to the ‘Eiffel Tower,’ is truly an icing on the cake. Honeymooners can experience and soak in the dreamy and fairy taillish beauty of this ever romantic city.


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If you’re looking for a luxurious honeymoon - coupled with a stay at some of the world's most renowned hotels or maybe pay a visit to world-class museums that flood the city; Amsterdam is definitely the place for you. Previously known for its ‘Red Light Areas,’ the city today offers tourists a plethora of attractions and activities that honeymooners can avail through the course of their time spent in the city. The Netherlands, in fact, has been widely recognized for its charming canals and cobblestone streets and amazingly delicious local cuisine. The city is the perfect match of a cosmopolitan ambiance and a vibrancy that gives couples the apt atmosphere to explore the mainland for themselves. Couples who would enjoy the right balance of luxury and the picturesque beauty of the city.


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If you’re a couple that would enjoy a historical overview of the ancient city of Rome - known for its rich heritage and contribution to the earlier Roman Renaissance, Rome should be on your go-to list. Some of the most explored attractions in the city include - The Colosseum, The Ancient Roman city, The Pantheon and so much more. It’s important for couples to keep in mind that the city of Rome has a whole lot of walking and exploration tours. For the honeymooner in you, Rome also has a wide array of world-famous restaurants that are definitely worth a visit.


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One of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, Prague has been kind of a secret getaway for honeymooners across the world. The city offers honeymooners everything from - Art Nouveau Architecture, Cathedrals, Roman Chapels and so much more. You also enjoy some good food with some stunning views of the backdrop. Couples who are looking to head over to some of the other popular European destinations - say a stop by at Budapest or any destination of your choice, is most definitely a feasible possibility. Known to be one of the most perfect places to explore the easter part of Europe, Prague makes for a great honeymoon destination.


Whitewashed buildings, stunning sunsets, picturesque views, coupled with the Aegean Sea in the backdrop - is what awaits honeymooners at this breathtaking destination. An insanely beautiful island in itself, Santorini has some of the best beaches and dramatic cliffs that honeymooners can explore through the course of their trip. The island also has a large number of luxury hotels with stunning views and a wide array of optional additional activities as well. Some of the views of the hotels are some of the best in the world. Santorini is definitely a must-do a honeymoon destination, making for a picture-perfect vacation destination.


Popularly known as the ‘Honeymoon Heaven,’ Venice makes for one of the most dreamy yet romantic honeymoon destinations. Cobblestone streets, umpteen canals, Gondola rides, historical sights, and a large number of restaurants aligned throughout the mainland. We would recommend Venice as a must-go-to destination, for honeymooners looking for a laid back yet fulfilling honeymoon trip.

Amalfi Coast

Known to be one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe, the ‘Amalfi Coast,’ offers honeymooners a beautiful experience as they explore the stunning Mediterranean seaside together. Flooded with a wide number of family-run cafes and restaurants, amazing views, spectacular beaches, and the most redefined definition of Luxury; the Amalfi Coast remains the most iconic honeymoon destination even today.

The drive through the Amalfi Coast is sure to take your breath away, with views that will linger through your senses for a long time. The coast is easily the most picture-perfect destination you’ll find in Europe. If you’re looking to rent a boat, go on a cruise, enjoy a romantic sunset, walk through the beautiful vineyards - you name it and you’ve got it.

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