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Beautiful Tumbling Water

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe

By Rasma RaistersPublished 15 days ago 5 min read


The Krimml Waterfalls are located in Hohe Tauern National Park. The park is one of the largest nature reserves in Europe straddling Tyrol, Carinthia, and Salzburgerlands. It includes the highest peak in Austra, the Grossglockner. You can access the waterfall by taking the Wasserfallweg or Waterfall Trail that begins at the ticket office. The trail takes you through mixed forest with many viewpoints of the falls along the way. The Krimmler Ache plunges down for 1246 feet over three waterfall stages all surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. After you’ve viewed that falls you might like to hike through the valley to the Krimmler Tauernhaus, a 600-year-old tavern.


The Plitvice Lake National Park is located in the hilly Karts region in the heart of Croatia. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has sixteen lakes and many waterfalls. Among the loveliest is the Veliki Slap meaning Great Waterfall and is the highest waterfall in the country. It is fed by the waters of the Plitvica Potok River. Hiking up from the Lower Lakes to Plitvice Selo Village you can find a spot where you can view this waterfall from above. In the wintertime it is almost completely frozen forming a beautiful giant ice sculpture.


Keila Waterfall is a popular tourist destination in Estonia. It is located near the town of Keila-Joa in northern Estonia. The waterfall is 20 feet high and 230 feet wide. Its water source is the Keila River. A hydroelectric power plant is located on the waterfall. You can enjoy the nearby hiking trials and suspension bridges.


Cascade D’Ars is one of the loveliest natural wonders in France. It is a picturesque waterfall that is located in the Midi-Pyrenees. It tumbles down from a height of 787 feet in three stages. The Pyrenees region is noted for its natural beauty. There is a mountain track for hiking from which you can get spectacular views of the waterfall.


The Kuhflucht Waterfalls are located in the Ester Mountains near Farchant, a municipality in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district in Bavaria, Germany. These are three waterfalls that plunge down from a height of 270 m and are among the highest in Germany. The falls are fed from a plateau between the Bavarian mountains of Krottenkopf and Simetsberg rising from several karst springs.


Lovely Selijalandsfoss waterfall is located in the far northwest of Europe in Iceland. This is a 216-foot-high waterfall that feeds from the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier. The waterfall is to the Ring Road and impressive natural features which had made it the most famous and visited falls in the country. Selijalandsfoss is part fo the Seljalandsa River. The cascade is narrow tumbling from a tall cliff that at one time marked the coastline of the country. A pathway stretches around the waterfall and the cliff behind it have a wide cavern and there are paths that allow visitors to encircle it during the summertime.


Powerscourt Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Ireland. It is located at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains near the town of Enniskerry.

It is near the park at the Powerscourt Estate. People who enjoy strolling and picnicking in the park enjoying the view of the falls. The way to the waterfall from the gate lodge is surrounded by beech, oak, larch, and pine trees planted more than 200 years ago. There are also giant redwood trees, native to the US state of California, planted at Powerscourt after 1860. It flows into the Dargle River and is home to different wildlife. The Viscount Powerscourt established a deer park, introducing the Japanese Sika deer to the estate. There are a variety of birds here like the chaffinch, cuckoo, raven and the willow warbler.

This waterfall has been featured in the 1981 fantasy film “Excalibur” and the historical drama TV series “Vikings”.


Cascate del Mulino are waterfalls with water flowing from the Saturnia springs into natural thermal fields. They are locate about 62 miles south of Florence near the village of Saturnia. The natural spa here is one of the oldest in Tuscany and among the most popular. Sulfur water runs out at a temperature of 37.5 C and creates pools of hot water and small-sized waterfalls. It is all surrounded by the lovely countryside of Maremma in the area of Grosseto.


Voringsfossen Waterfall plunges over 600 feet into the depths among awesome natural beauty. It is among the most beautiful and popular falls in Norway. The falls is located near the municipality of Eidfjord which is about 11 miles from them. You can reach the falls taking a one-hour hike over a suspension bridge and stone scree up into the mountains to a viewing platform. You can explore the Hardanger and Hardangerfjord region. There are lovely orchards blooming along the way.


Bigar Waterfall is officially known as Bigar Cascade Falls and is located in the Anna Mountains. It is in a protected area in Caras-Severin County in southwestern Romania. Here water trickles down from a mossy rock formation jutting out of the surrounding mountain. A portion of this waterfall collapse in 2021 due to natural causes but it is still worth seeing.

This waterfall comes with a legend. Supposedly a girl who was in love with a boy named Bigar was locked in the small cave close to the falls by her parents. Wanting to be with her love she turned into a waterfall and the boy drowned in it. The surrounding area is lovely to explore. It is near Bozovici, a commune in Cara-Severin County composed of four villages – Bozovici, Poneasca, Prilipet, and Valea Minisului.


Njupeskar comes tumbling down from a height of 305 feet and a free fall of 229 feet. It is the highest waterfall in Sweden in the province of Dalarna. The waterfall is within the Fulufjallet National Park near the border with Norway. Ice climbers enjoy climbing it when it freezes in the winter.


Rheinfall/Rhine Falls waterfall has water tumbling down from the Rhine River. It is located near Schaffhausen, a town with historical roots in northern Switzerland. The falls is the most powerful and largest waterfall in Europe located on the High Rhine.

It offers breathtaking beauty amid a lovely natural setting that gives you the opportunity to climb the Mittelfelsen.

Visitors can enjoy the falls by taking the No. 1 Yellow Line Rock Cruise.


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