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Beautiful Debrecen

The second largest city in Hungary

By Rasma RaistersPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
White Rose of the Revolution

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary and the regional center of the Northern Great Plain region.

White Rose Of The Revolution is a lovely monument that was erected in front of the University Reformed Church. It is a reminder of the 1956 attempted revolutions and those who died in the struggle. The sculpture was designed and created by Miklos Melocco, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

The Reformed Great Church is the largest Protestant church in Hungary. It is an architectural masterpiece and an iconic national symbol. Within its walls, in 1849 Lajos Kossuth presented the Hungarian Declaration of Independence. The church is open to visitors and you can climb to the top of the western tower for panoramic views over the city.

It is easy to get to Hortobagyi National Park from Debrecen. The park is known for its rich cultural heritage and strong agricultural tradition. There is a wide variety of wildlife and plants all through the park.

You can even see rare, semi-wild Przewalski horses in the park.

The Nine-holed Bridge within the park is an iconic symbol built between 1827 and 1833. This arched stone bridge has nine arches.

The Nagyerdei Water Tower is considered to be an iconic relic of the industrial history of the region. The area beneath the tower is a bar, restaurant, and exhibition venue. The central pillar is a cylindrical climbing wall with hundreds of holds.

The Deri Museum is housed in a neo-Baroque building in the heart fo the city. It has one of the best collections of cultural and historical pieces in all of Hungary. Outside of the museum, you can see four world-famous statues by sculptor Ferenc Medgyessy. He was awarded the Grand Prize at the 1937 World Exhibition in Paris, France for these artworks.

The Botanical Gardens has natural flora from across Hungary. There are sculpted gardens, greenhouses, ornaments, and natural forests. Around 2 hectares of the gardens is part of the primeval Nagyerdo oak forest. One of the greenhouses has the most varied collection of succulent plants in all of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Flower Clock was unveiled in 2009 on the 500th anniversary of the birthday of John Calvin. The clock hands are decorated with the wings of the phoenix, one of the symbols of Debrecen. The place where the sundial now stands is the site of the house in which Ferenc Kolcsey the author of the Hungarian national anthem text once lived.

St. Anna’s Cathedral is a prominent Catholic church with two tall towers.

Kossuth Square is one of the main squares in the city. This is the site of the city's Christmas Tree every December and there are gastronomic festivals in the summer. The square has an impressive statue and memorial to Lajos Kossuth, an important revolutionary figure in Hungary during the 1848 Revolution.

Csokonai Theatre was built in the 19th century and hosts different performances.

Debrecen Zoopark is both a zoo and an amusement park. It is home to 165 different animal species. There are animals from all around the world and also native Hungarian species. The amusement area has rides and entertainment.

Lake Fancsika just outside of the city is the place for fishermen. The lake is home to different fish species. Beside the lake is a log castle, a playground for children, and a green space for relaxing and picnicking.

Lake Vekeri is another popular fishing place about 13 km from the center of Debrecen. Visitors can row out onto the lake or go horse riding along the shore. There is a popular campsite along the shore.


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