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Bali Lovin’

by Victoria Eng 2 years ago in asia
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bali livin' and lovin'

Bali Lovin’
Photo by Ern Gan on Unsplash

Bali- the place I want to be. The island to be wild and free. Summer is coming and the perfect destination is none other than Bali, Indonesia. Watching the sunset atop an infinity pool, sipping on a daiquiri. This is what life was meant to be. To float and meditate in peace. Escape from our mundane American metropolitan cities into a world of serenity. Some call it hedonism- I call it enjoyment and expression. Bali is where adventure seekers come together as a collective to find themselves and reflect on life during the day and party and live it up after the sun sets, while situated in the most beautiful landscape. Forget about Monday to Friday is the motto. Skinny dipping, longboarding, kayaking, hiking, shopping, exploring, meditating, learning. Bali is where you can do it all. It's the place that combines relaxation with a bustling urban life. The word for this feeling is - alive. Bali is the place where I can be radically myself, nobody is here to judge, everyone is here to have a good time. Once you step off the plane, the tropical vibes will hit you, and you realize you have arrived in paradise. There was no other vacation destination as ethereal, some parts may be commercialized, but in a charming way. The laidback vibes of a place like Bali cannot be matched anywhere else in the world, it is like no other. Bali may seem imaginary, but dreams do come true. The hotels with infinity pools are gorgeous, the food is heavenly, and the people simply love their lives. There is just something- something special about this place. The adventures to be had are endless, from exploring the wild nature of Ubud, trekking the luscious rice fields, to enjoying the lively beach bars in Kuta, satay skewer and Heineken in hand, vibing to the beat and view of the sunset. Walking on the endless white sands of Seminayak, admiring the historic temples. Grabbing a coconut mango refresher from a beachside vendor and hiking down the limestone staircase to surf on the crystal clear waters of Padang Beach. Cliffside temples. Hidden waterfalls. A traveler's dream come true. So many memorable moments and places. And best of all, winding down each eventful day with a bubble bath in the hotel balcony hot tub. There is just too much to see and do in this magical place called Bali. Waking up at 9 am each day because there is no time to waste to explore this beautiful island. Discovering hidden gems of restaurants every day, with impeccable ambiance, decor and masterful culinary talent is one of the most underrated things to in Bali. As the sun fades out, live music is just a block away and the night dances on. For lovers of music, city life, beaches, nature, great weather, serenity, this is where we learn to live. Bali- more than a breathtaking backdrop of my vacation, Bali isn't paradise; paradise is Bali.


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