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Maybe it’s the sound the rain makes on a tin roof. Maybe it is the kindness in the eyes of those I encounter. Maybe it’s the simplicity of life.

By sara burdickPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Suesca, Colombia

As soon as I land in Colombia, something bizarre takes over me; I feel instantly at ease, a gentleness I never feel at home in the US.

I am in a rock climbing community outside of Bogotá. I am not a climber, but I love being surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Tomorrow, I will go exploring in the mountains to ground a bit after being away from these mountains for too long.

For a few months, I debated where to go; Nicaragua and Paraguay were high on my list for two reasons. I have never been, and the ease of a visa/border run availability. Paraguay is still on my list to check out, but Colombia always calls me back.

Have you ever been somewhere that feels like home, even though it is not your home of birth?

It is also a place I know has issues; I am not naive to believe it is all rainbows and butterflies. One of the primary reasons I almost did not come was the difficulty of getting a long-term visa with immigration.

When I was reading about getting residency in Paraguay, it would be a breeze (maybe who knows, appears so). I have no idea. Except when I was looking, I have no draw to that country, as I have never been, but those of us who feel weird shit feel weird shit about everything.

Certain things happen more effortlessly and efficiently when it is the path that your higher self/spirit/soul/god/goddess, whomever you believe is guiding you.

Since 2018 has been guiding me here. The flight is always easy and affordable. Now that I can speak the language, my travels here are more fun.

Plus, Colombians love to talk, which, in turn, helps my Spanish improve dramatically. Today, my Uber driver told me to stay here; it’s easy. Then, he told me to marry a Colombian; his heart was in the right place.

He then told me his dreams of starting a YouTube channel and showing a different side of Colombia; I will try to help him when I am in Bogotá again.

Yet these types of situations always present themself to me here. It’s interesting to witness it when I see it and then reflect on how I am guided and who shows up in my life.

When I was in Georgia, I had the opposite: heavy energy. I have been feeling weighed down lately, feeling as if the world’s weight is on my shoulders, and it’s exhausting.

My entire body has been drained and tired. When I arrived late last night, I was excited to be here, and now, as I lay in bed writing, I feel as if I could sleep for days. I also realize I am in a place where I feel at home.

I keep thinking about why I feel so at home here; it’s bizarre. Even my friends say welcome home.

Maybe I had a past life here, or in this life, I am sent to do something here. Lately, I have been wondering a lot of ¨why am I here¨.

I think this when I am away from nature and not in flow with the wind and the trees. I, too, have been away from writing as it has not flowed as it does when I am in a place where my body can rest and relax without being on an energetic guard.

I went to a psychic with my sister, and she even said I was vibrating so much that I needed to ground myself. I told her I am in nature constantly, and she said I needed that. She also said I vibrated high either way, but she said I was buzzing, and it was exactly how I felt that day.

Who knows?

All I know is that I am back in a country that is not my home country, but I feel there is a reason why I am always drawn back here, even though I have spent most of my five travel years here.

I will proceed to look for a home, knowing there may be a lot of challenges. I may realize my home is everywhere and nowhere, as that is how I currently feel.

There is a reason that spirit /intuition keeps drawing me back here as if to say stop looking; you are already home, and we will take care of the rest.

Who knows, not me. I will continue to follow the breadcrumbs before me, knowing there is a reason and purpose.



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sara burdick

I quit the rat race after working as a nurse for 16 years. I now write online and live abroad, currently Nomading, as I search for my forever home. Personal Stories, Travel and History

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