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Ark Encounter Tour and Gospel Music in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

The Ark Encounter hosts the largest gospel music festival this August to September. See what the Queen City of the Midwest has to offer for a faith-based tour.

By John LimboPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Ark Encounter Tour in Northern Kentucky

Over the years, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky became one of the most popular Christian tour destinations in the United States. This region at the banks of the Ohio River has a lot of destinations and activities to offer their guests who want to enrich their spirits and commune with the Almighty.

But this year, a special event makes it more special to have a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky faith tour. This year, the world's largest Christian music festival comes to Williamstown, KY. For 40 days and 40 nights, award-winning Christian and gospel musicians will converge at the Ark Encounter from August 2 - September 21, 2021. Aside from around 120 daily concerts, hear inspirational talks from renowned Christian speakers and preachers for the whole duration of the festival. In between concerts and talks, you and your group can explore the many Christian heritage tour destinations and activities that the region has to offer.

Here are some suggestions on activities that you can do and places that you can visit to make your Cincinnati faith tour worthwhile.

Explore the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

The Ark Encounter plays host to this year’s Christian music festival. The concerts and performances will be done on the spacious park grounds. Might as well come in early before a scheduled concert and do an Ark Encounter tour with your group. For those not yet familiar with the Ark Encounter, it is a life-sized, Biblically-accurate reconstruction of Noah’s Ark with various exhibits that recreate many of the accounts written in the Book of Genesis particularly the story of the Great Flood. The park explores the chapter of Biblical history on the fall of man, the world of sin, and Noah and his family’s salvation from the Great Flood. Divided into 3 decks the Ark contains displays of models of the kind of animals that might have remained in the ark, dioramas of Noah's workshop, a blacksmith, scenes of life inside the ark, in addition to displays depicting the sinfulness of the world that result in its damage. Also on display are pieces from the Green Collection, artifacts from Biblical time, and ancient Israel. On the park premises, there is a playground, zip line experience, a petting zoo, and a dining establishment for the entire household to enjoy.

The Creation Museum

Go further down Biblical history and visit the Ark Encounter’s sister, the Creation Museum. Created by a former Universal Studios innovative director, the 75,000 square feet center brings the pages of Genesis to life. Its displays take visitors on a journey through creation, the Garden of Eden, and the Great Flood. The museum also houses a 78-seater planetarium that checks out the creation of deep space. Its cutting-edge 200-seater theater improves your Biblical journey with a 4-d experience and cutting edge special impacts. The museum likewise hosts hands-on workshops and educational programs that assist visitors to check out the story of the world's production. Just like its sister destination, the Ark Encounter, the Creation Museum likewise offers outdoor activities such as the Eden Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and the Screaming Zips Lines for a distinctive experience.

Visit the Grand and Beautiful Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Located in Covington Kentucky, the Basilica of the Assumption of Mary is one of the only 35 Roman Catholic minor basilicas in the United States. It is also the oldest Catholic parish in northern Kentucky. It offers visitors the opportunity to experience the cathedral's beautifully constructed Gothic architecture and magnificent collection of hand-poured stained glass windows. The exterior of the cathedral is modeled after the famed Notre Dame in Paris, France. The gargoyles in its roof that are used to draw away rainwater from the church were carved in Italy. Whether you are part of the Catholic Church or not, the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption is definitely worth visiting to appreciate the architecture of its exterior and art within its walls that also gives you a glimpse of Europe.

The Interior of the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Enjoy the Ohio River: Riverboats and the Newport at the Levee

Being located at the banks of the Ohio River, the river also offers great activities for visitors to enjoy. The BB Riverboat Cruises is one of the premier river activities in Cincinnati. The riverboats offer a different way to see the areas surrounding the Ohio River. They offer different themed cruises to suit your preference.

Also on the banks of the Ohio River is the Newport at the Levee. The city of Newport is a bustling hub for shopping, dining, and recreation. The most popular destination in Newport is the Newport Aquarium. It allows visitors to experience the marvels from under the sea up close and personal. The center homes 70 themed exhibitions in 14 galleries, consisting of 5 smooth acrylic tunnels amounting to over 200 feet in length. It is house to countless animals from around the world including shark rays, alligators, penguins, various sharks, Giant pacific octopus, Moon jellyfish, seahorses, several species of corals, various kinds of reptiles, and amphibians. It also provides an awesome encounter with the sharks through its first-in-the-world Shark Bridge that lets courageous souls stroll on rope bridges inches above a tank filled with sharks. It is likewise house to two rare Albino alligators in captivity.

Learn and Discover Science, History, and Civil Liberties

There are a lot of museums to visit in the Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky location. The center of everything is the Cincinnati Museum Center located at the Union Terminal structure. This museum hub homes 3 distinct museums on its properties: the Cincinnati History Museum, the Duke Energy Children's Museum, and the Museum of Natural History and Science. The center likewise has a library and archives, an omnimax theater, and a holocaust and humanity center.

Also in the city is the Cincinnati Art Museum that is home to a large collection of works from European masters and Cincinnati local artists. For sports enthusiasts, many specifically baseball fans, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-visit. Find out about slavery, variety, and tolerance at the National Underground Railroad Museum and Freedom Center. See a century of American signs history at the distinctive American Sign Museum.

Though not exactly a religious site, the National Underground Railroad Museum is still a great addition to a faith-based tour in Cincinnati. Visitors can surely learn something from the faith of the enslaved peoples as they struggle towards freedom and liberty. The museum pays tribute and commemorates all the efforts to "abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all people." The museum's main exhibit is the only known surviving rural slave pen that housed slaves before they are transported and auctioned to the slave markets. The location of the museum is recognition of the role the city of Cincinnati played in the Underground Railroad, which is the way for many slaves' escape to freedom.

Aside from these sites and activities, there are more things to do in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, should you decide to visit. This August 2 through September 21, 2021, the Ark Encounter hosts the 40 days and 40 nights Gospel Music Festival, take to opportunity to heat to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to enjoy the Queen City of the Midwest with your family, friends, or church group.


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