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Another world inside Mexico; Grupo Xcaret, a living adventure.

Parks and tours of Grupo Xcaret.

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Credits: Grupo Xcaret

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word "Mexico"? Think about it for a second and please leave a comment below telling us what it was; it could've been its food, culture, dances, music, everything is accepted. And the truth is, there really is no right answer to this particular question. But one that every traveler loves is Mexico's tourist attractions, they are beautiful, and one that does NOT disappoint is the set of parks and tours offered by Grupo Xcaret; not to mention its luxurious Hotel named Hotel Xcaret. Some might have heard about it before and many might have not. Well, let me tell you something! Today is everyone's lucky day because I'm going to share with you everything you need to know about the set of parks and tours offered by Grupo Xcaret.

How it started: Grupo Xcaret

It all began 36 years ago when an architect named Miguel Quintana Pali discovered a paradise sitting along the coast of the Rivera Maya. This happened when architect Quintana bought five hectares to build his residence. With the beautiful view of the ocean it was the perfect place for a new home, Quintana thought. But he never imagined finding what he was to find. During the process of cleaning the terrain, Quintana and his crew discovered many cenotes and underground rivers. Immediately, the idea of building a park crossed Quintana's mind. He pictured a park in which visitors could interact with its nature and at the same time appreciate its beauty. To fulfill his mission he partnered with the Constandse brothers, Oscar, Marcos, and Carlos. Once a deal was reached, without delay, Quintana baptized the first park Xcaret and began the construction of it in 1984. After 6 years of construction, Xcaret finally finished in December 1990. So the doors for the public were opened in 1991. Since then 6 more parks have been constructed; including Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco, and Xenses. In addition, 2 tour services are also available for the public; Xenotes tour and Xichen tour.

Credits: Grupo Xcaret

All the different parks, tours, and the many attractions included.

1. Xcaret

Parque Xcaret includes a water park, an amusement park, and an eco-archaeological park. Its location in the Maya jungle makes it a privileged site because of its underground rivers and cenotes. Not to mention, the impressive view of the Caribbean sea. In addition to the breathtaking natural views, Xcaret also keeps alive the rich history of Mexico's past.

Also, Parque Xcaret has more than 50 natural and cultural attractions; including nature-based activities like swimming and snorkeling in the underground rivers, and activities at the beach, like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, Sea Trek, and Snuba. On the other hand, cultural attractions include an open church, a replica of a Mayan village, a museum, an equestrian show, an open theater with performances of pre-Hispanic dances, Papantla flying men, and much more.

Credits: Xcaret Park (IG)

2. Xel Ha

Xel-Ha opened its doors for the public in 1995. With over 20 attractions Xel-Ha is the perfect place to flow with nature. Furthermore, activities like snorkeling with the more than 90 marine species, jumping from The Cliff of courage with a height of 5 meters, or walking in the jungle trails allow visitors to connect with nature in a fun way. Not to mention, the 40-meter Scenic Lighthouse, which has two 30 meter waterslides that descend into a cenote located just beneath it. But that's not all, the Scenic Lighthouse is also the perfect place to appreciate the landscape and all the hidden secrets of Xel-Ha.

In like manner, Trepachanga and Salpichanga are also two of Xel-Ha's biggest attractions in which someone can slide down the zip lines of Salpichanga or test their balance by walking over the river between the two ropes of Trepachanga.

Credits: Andres Jesus Sanchez (IG)

3. Xplor

Xplor is known as the heart of adventure since its opening in 2009. With activities like zip-lining, amphibious vehicles, and underground rivers, Xplor guides you to your own experience. The zip-line zone includes two circuits of seven zip-lines each (3.8 km long), which are the tallest zip-line circuits in the region at 160 ft. Another fun activity is the two different three-mile circuits in the amphibious vehicles, which leads you through the Mayan jungle and some underground caves. Lastly, you can explore the numerous subterranean rivers in which you can swim through crystal clear waters surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, waters go from 30 cm up to 1.10 m.

Credits: Xplor Park (IG)

4. Xplor Fuego

When the sun goes down Xplor turns into Xplor Fuego, creating a whole new experience with only red lights and fire to illuminate your way. First, the underground rivers turn into lava rivers by adding some red lights, bubbles, and much steam. But the fun and adventure doesn't stop there because the jungle drive now becomes a night expedition full of surprises and adrenaline with only fire illuminating the way. Lastly, but as much fun, the zip-lines guide you through a ring of fire to finally end your slide splashing into a lava river.

Credits: Xplor Park (IG)

5. Xavage

With activities like rope course, rafting (rapid rivers), and monster trucks, Xavage is the perfect place for adrenaline lovers.

First comes the rope course, which consists of four levels of height and adrenaline. The first level is at 8 meters here the obstacles are simple and solid. The second level is at 14 meters and although the obstacles are still solid the height makes it more difficult. The third level comes at 25 meters and you will start noticing that the obstacles are now a little looser making it more difficult to maneuver. The fourth and last level has a height of 36 meters, in this level obstacles not only become more challenging but also more creative. One of the obstacles is a hanging bicycle.

Second comes rafting, which already is a special ride but being the longest man-made rapid river circuit will make it an even more special ride. This circuit was made by Bob Campell, who was the designer of the circuits used in the Olympic games in Brazil. It's worth mentioning that the circuit reaches class III waters (Class V being the highest). With this in mind, rafting assures a ride of more than 1 km full of adrenaline and adventure.

Third comes the awesome opportunity to ride a monster truck. With a circuit of 1.6 km and more than 15 obstacles an unpredictable ride awaits. Here you will test your pilot abilities.

Credits: Savage Park (IG)

6. Xoximilco

This park is designed after the original Xoximilco located in Mexico City. Here you will ride a unique boat called trineja in which you will be welcome into what looks like a Mexican street party. Also, your hosts will have dinner ready for you, and like in any other Mexican party, drinks cannot be absent; enjoy the best tequila, vodka, whiskey, and hundreds of other alcoholic beverages while enjoying your ride. Along the way, there will be stops where you can enjoy listening to live Mexican traditional music. Additionally, there is a bathroom break where you can enjoy more live music. And once your back in your trineja desert will be waiting for you. To conclude is worth mentioning that Xoximilco forms part of UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its culture and folklore.

Credits: Ricardo Puga (IG)

7. Xenses

Xenses opened its doors for the public in 2016. With a unique concept, it quickly gained popularity due to its sense-themed activities and optical illusions. You will notice this once you enter Xenses and all of your senses get to work, which will create an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, this park has two routes; route of feelings and route of doing, including activities like Camino de Enanos Y Gigantes and El Pueblo.

Camino de Enanos y Gigantes will make you question your real size. As you enter this path, the houses, doors, and windows will make you feel like a giant because everything seems so small. But as you keep going forward everything starts doubling its size making you feel like a dwarf. You will feel like you are in the movie "Gulliver's travels".

On the other hand, El Pueblo is a place where you can't actually tell if you are going up or down. Here the laws of physics and logic don't make a lot of sense, so don't break your brain trying to figure out what is going on and instead worry more about keeping your balance. The river going upwards and the waterfall going up the walls will make you question what is real anymore; is up the new down and down the new up? Find out visiting El Pueblo!

Credits: Jonathan (IG)

8. Xenotes tour

Xenotes tour gives you a unique experience where you can visit the four different types of cenotes that exist. Not to mention, Xenotes tour also offers different activities for the different types of travelers; including adventurous, spiritual, and naturalist.

Types of activities

Adventurous includes activities like rappelling into a cavern cenote, zip lines, and high jumps.

Spiritual activities will connect you to the natural environments surrounding you by learning about their history, how to take care of them, and why it's important to keep their essence.

Naturalists can enjoy activities like underwater explorations where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of the cenotes. Not to mention, Kayaking, and a jungle tour, which allows you to interact with its flora and fauna.

Types of Cenotes

Cavern Cenotes are the youngest and the hardest to find. Sometimes is necessary to walk through the caves in order to find one of these cenotes. In fact, the only thing that allows the cenotes to be discovered are the small leaks on the surface; which cause the ceiling of the cavern to fall, making the cenote visible. An eccentric display of colors of the water can be appreciated when the sunbeams enter the cave through the small holes at the ceiling of the cenote; the colors displayed can vary from deep blues to emerald green.

Semi-open Cenotes are known for creating half a cavern. These types of cenotes can sometimes be connected to others. Also, some of them can be crystal clear allowing the viewers to appreciate the flora and fauna underwater.

Open Cenotes have completely collapsed over millions of years exposing themselves to the sky. Here the plants decorate the walls of the cenote giving the rocks different covers of contrasting colors. Additionally, the birds and butterflies living there make the natural beauty of the cenote stand out even more. These types of cenotes are the best for snorkeling and kayaking since they are easier to access.

Ancient Cenotes are completely exposed with no wall, which gives it the looks of a lagoon. Vegetation often grows around the cenote, as well as in the middle creating small patches.

Credits: Fernanda Miranda (IG)

9. Xichen tour

Xichen tour takes you on a mythical journey into the Mayan culture. The destination for it is Chichén Itzá "CHEE-chen EET-za", which is a complex set of pyramids built by the Mayans thousands of years ago. Important to mention, Chichén Itzá is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Not rare, considering that the Mayans are popular for being great astronomers and architects. Actually, the pyramids are visual proof of this fact because they were built according to the periodic movement of the stars. After exploring Chichén Itzá you can take a refreshing swim in Xcajum cenote. To finally take a break and enjoy a delicious buffet meal.

Credits: Uros Visekruna (IG)

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