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Ancient China

by Alfred Cosme about a month ago in asia

The beginnings

Yellow Emperor

(Ancient China established by the Yellow Emperor)

Ancient China said to be founded by a ruler a leader who’s mission was to unify battling clans into one empire. The Yellow Emperor known in Chinese mythology. Created the Chinese empire said to be one of the oldest civilizations to continue to exist. But it’s ancient origin aren’t fully understood or known. The Yellow emperor is said to be from 2698BC. A deity who came down from the heavens and taught and saved the people of early China. But Traditional writing says it started in 2000BC with the Xia Dynasty. It is said they formed a government then made policy of family succession to name each leader. For that reason it is known as the first dynasty of China.

Very little is known about the Xia dynasty. There are no evidence or archeological findings of this dynasty said by mainstream. So their history is based on assumption because of the mythology which goes along with the birth of this first dynasty based on a being who came from the heavens. But that aside and back to mainstream historical view, some scholars believe the dynasty to just be myth to this day.

But a great Chinese legend tells of a hero who comes. Who was responsible for helping form the Xia dynasty into something bigger and greater. Known as Yu The Great. But this was after the original emperor set up everything and taught the people. Then Around 2000BCE the yellow river floods. Destroying the homes and lives of many clans who lived near the river. One of the governing leaders orders for a dam system to be built to save the people. He try to make networks of dams but the waters were to strong. The engineer who worked on these first dams was named Gun. He was executed for his failure, so his son takes on the task and vows to his wife that he would not return home until his mission is complete. As he mourned his father and sought to bring honor to their name.

Yu his son tries to tame the river. He surveyed the land and water more than 3,000 miles and developed a extreme plan. Instead of using dams he came up with a very intelligent idea of dividing the river up into a vast network of irrigation channels. He needed many workers for this task. Yu called upon the clans even those who were against each other fighting for centuries. He asked them to work together for the betterment of all the people by helping to build his system which would save many lives when storm/flood season came and much was lost by all. That was if his system worked.

He succeeded in uniting them and starts his massive project. Over ten plus years the building of his plan lasted. It’s mentioned he passed his house 3 times in this period but never entered or greeted his wife or child. He would only watch from outside, as he vowed he wouldn’t return until his mission was done. Then finally after 13 strenuous years the project is completed. Now was time for his achievements to be put to the test.

Storms rush in and his design is put to the test. Yu’s masterpiece is a success. He becomes Yu The Great. He United all the clans and created a vast empire just from his project. Shun one of the last five great emperors. Declared him ruler. Thus him being noted in traditional history as the creator and ruler of the first dynasty of China. He returned home to see his wife when he finished his mission. Most of the rest of the history is unknown assumption as they believe it myth, legend, mainstream I mean. But the story of Yu the Great is a powerful legend which endures and sets fourth the history of the first Chinese dynasty the Xia. But still it’s all speculation as there has been no archeological evidence of this dynasty.

So the Shang dynasty is widely known as the beginning of Chinese civilization in about 1500-1700BC. Evidence of this culture and archeological finds has turned up a lot of this dynasty. But they were already essentially a highly developed civilization and all, so they must have come from a previous dynasty. That being the Xia. They had the first written characters and used Oracle bones to be able to predict the future. Then they were followed by the Zhou Dynasty which lasted from around 1100BC until 200BC. They were also already a highly developed civilization, with political structures showing a great civilization and culture.

This was the beginnings of the Chinese civilization. Which during these times many great advancements and achievements were accomplished by them. Such as military technology, philosophy, which changed the way lives were lived and wars were fought. A legendary thinker was born in this time. The famous Confucius. Although he was not famous during his lifetime. He lived a poor life but had many followers who would write his every word.

Confucius in his period seen that the leaders were starting to abuse power and not sticking to tradition of peace and being for the people. He lived from 551-479 before our era. His family came from the old Shang dynasty which predated the current Zhou. So he was proud of his Shang heritage. He worked briefly as a magistrate in the court of Duke of Lu, in eastern China. During his time working their he felt that the past traditions of good behavior, honor, and respect were deteriorating. He watch the Duke waste time neglecting the people and indulging in drink and woman. He tried to reform the government but no one would hear him. He never intended to create a new religion, he just wanted to reform what was already there. To him if the people would stop abusing etiquette and ritual, that the era of wars would end. He believed that no matter who you were what class you were from you can become a virtuous person.

If the rulers lived according to rituals and traditions then the people would too, bringing peace and a new time of enlightenment, he believed. This would convert all people to becoming good people, so no need for war. He wanted the people to have more wisdom. As wisdom was the root to peace and happiness to him. So to achieve wisdom they had to be rational, righteous, and humane. “The superior man always thinks of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.”

He left the court and set out looking for a virtuous leader. Traveling state to state with his messages of enlightenment, he did not get a chance to change the mind of the people and the rulers, but had amassed a following who document all he did and spoke. He traveled for years and died a poor regular man. But his disciples set out to spread his word, making schools of his teachings all over the regions. He died at 72 years old. In which after his death he became famous and his teachings spread. He died believing he failed in his life’s work as he never found a ruler who lived by his standards. But as said his teachings were passed down for many generations. His philosophy is still influencing China to this day such as SUN TZU and his writings the Art Of War. Was China founded originally by an advanced being? What’s the true history of their beginnings?

China has a very long and rich history, for example Taiwan being determined one of the first places marijuana was used over 8,000 years ago. Also China growing this ancient plant as one of the Five Main Grains of the land. This is just a brief summary of China’s history. I have included link as sources if would like to learn more about this amazing region. Although all regions of the planet are amazing. Thank you for reading. Peace to all.

A. Cosme

Alfred Cosme
Alfred Cosme
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