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Ancient Archaeological Site’s in North America’s

by Alfred Cosme about a month ago in america

Ancient sites older than Egypt & Greece

Ancient Glyphs

(Ancient North America’s )

The North America’s, when most think of this land we think of the Native American’s and the European take over 500 plus years ago. But the north America’s region has a lot of ancient sites, archeological sites, which date back to even before the ancient Egyptians and Greek. After the end of the ice age we have a somewhat lost history of the north America’s. But we have been finding ancient archaeological sites dating 10’s of thousand of years old.

Was there a ancient civilization thriving in the North America’s 1000’s of years ago, pre-Columbian civilizations? With these ancient sites being uncovered all across the north America’s, the history we know is changing, and we are seeing the north America’s is a ancient region just like ancient Egypt. Some of the sites even the Native American’s claim were there before they arrived. So who were these ancient civilizations?

Here I present to you several of the sites found in the north America’s region, but there are many more I have not covered yet such as the serpent mound and much more. But here are some I have researched. What are your thoughts on these ancient sites?


The ancient Cahokia mounds. Located in across the Mississippi River, from St. Louis, Missouri. It is a pre-Columbian site dating to 1050-1350CE. It is now recognized as an historic park. The 2,200 acres contain over 80 mounds, but the ancient city was way larger. “Cahokia was the largest and most influential urban settlement of the Mississippian culture, which developed advanced societies across much of what is now the central and southeastern United States, beginning more than 1,000 years before European contact.” -Source Wikipedia.

The Cahokia mounds and city is acknowledged as the largest most complex archeological sites, North of pre Columbian cities in Mexico. How far back does the history of the USA really go? I will continue to explore and research other North American sites to bring the knowledge to you. The knowledge all learned in school was limited to Indians and pilgrims. But much more happened before all of this, the true history of the USA must be revealed. There were many in the USA before the European’s and others came. A lost history we must piece together.

Winnemucca Lake-

In Nixon, Nevada USA, we have found petroglyphs. These petroglyphs are over 15,000 years old according to mainstream. They are from a lost unknown civilization. Who were these people? What happened to them? Were they wiped away after the great deluge. Or did they just move further south in the America’s? There is so much ancient history, older than ancient Egypt, here in the USA. It should be given more attention, such as the lake near it should be excavated. This is ancient American history. What do you all think?

Heiltsuk Nation-

This 14,000 year old settlement was discovered in 2019, and according to mainstream maybe 3-4 times older than the pyramids. There is a lost history of before ice age ended and water rose hiding much from mankind. According to Smithsonian, “an Aboriginal group based on the Central Coast of British Columbia, tells of a coastal strip of land that did not freeze during the ice age, making it a place of refuge for early inhabitants of the territory. “ They still inhabit the area, so now they are considered the most ancient settlement which continues to date. This adds onto my theory of the North America’s being inhabited long ago before they had to move south to the south America’s. So much history right here. More excavations like these need be done. There are so many unexplored mounds and more.

Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village-

As I have been showing there are many ancient ruins, mounds, dolmens, petroglyphs and more spread across North America. Here I present to you a site which is over 19,000 years old. Located in Pennsylvania, USA. The Meadowcroft Rockshelter is one of the oldest sites in North America dating to 19,000 years ago. As stated there are many across the nation. What happened to these early settlers. Did the end of the ice age bring an end to their civilization?

Giant glaciers sliding across the continent making rivers, lakes, canyons and more. Who were they and where did they come from and where did they go? These findings are even older than most ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, Greece, etc. Incredible archeological sites and dates which change all we have learned in school of the USA.

River House Ruin-

Usually when we think of ancient archeology, we think of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, but how about the USA. There are many ancient sites which predate Columbus and many by millennia.

For example we have River House Ruin in Utah. This hidden archeological gem, is said to be from 900AD, built by ancestral Puebloans. Why doesn’t the USA explore more of these ancient sites? Is it because it completely changes our history books? What’s your opinion? There are monoliths, mounds, petroglyphs, and so much more spread across the USA which changes the history of this continent we are taught.

Here, have brought you just a few of the ancient sites in the north America’s. There are many more such as Dolmens in NY like those found in Europe, mounds, carved out caves, underground temples, as well as many monoliths. We have a lost incomplete history of the north America’s region but with current technology and archeology we are making incredible discoveries which will rewrite history. Also there are many more sites which I did not mention here. Please research if would like to learn more. Thank you all for reading.

Alfred Cosme

Alfred Cosme
Alfred Cosme
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