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Altruism, Avidity, and Aesthetics

The AAA bucket ways to live

By Shelby Hagood Published about a month ago 3 min read

AAA Motivations:

1. Altruism- to live by helping others, even at the cost of self. This is like the lighthouse bucket, because the lighthouse is constantly helping to lead others on their path.

2. Avidity- To live for oneself in order to experience power and a lavish life. Just like the bird bucket, they will munch up all of the birdseed you have left out for them and use your birdhouse.

3. Aesthetics- To live for pleasure. Doesn't matter who benefits as long as it brings excitement, interest, and beauty. Like the boat bucket, hanging out under a sail with a beer in hand and a cute swimsuit on.

I was asked to go to the beach,

and like a AAA battery I used all three

The bird, lighthouse, and boat

Each motivation used

I want to be there for my friends

that would be the lighthouse

Buying them ice cream

and making sure they have a good time

Then time for me like the bird

I want to enjoy the waves

and build a sand castle

Last just like the boat

we can take lovely smiling pictures

Let social media know

we looked snazzy

Pensacola, Florida is always a great place I love to visit, especially with family. The sound of the sea crashing away on the shore while wading around on boogie boards and floaties. The beach walks on the sand, soft against bare feet. The joy of playing with sand toys. Floating mini boats and shovels. Pull out the sand castle molds and gain excitement from how it stays up and turns out beautiful. How big can the castle become before it falls over? Lighthouse ghost stories in their creepy and historical architecture!

Losing French tries to seagulls and hoping every shell you dig up is empty to keep instead of holding a pinching crustacean. Crab to eat and bushwhackers to drink down. Walking down the pier with an acai bowl. Jet skis and boats motor by. The pool splashing and hot tub relaxing at night when the sun starts setting. Bumping around a light up beach ball at night. The old downtown train sitting across from the coffee shop in the morning. Should the pick be french or avacado toast? Do we start the day healthy or with a sugary pick up? Maybe both.

The amusement park close to town to go and enjoy. With cute rides. restaurants, and a moonshine store to buy banana pudding flavored moonshine. Collect shells to make a craft or creation, or just keep them in a jar to take a bit of the shore back with you. A free souvenir amongst the many to buy. The shops have the cutest trinkets; like mini light houses, squishy turtles, and shirts with jellyfish on them. Late night pizza and escape rooms to solve some puzzles for indoor family fun. Little respites from the sun in order to go back out again after applying the fresh scent of sunscreen.

Salt on the rim, in the air, and the water. Need a treat for balance and order a snow cone. The ice in the cup is like the snow against the sand below. Play tennis on the sandy court and then grab a glass of ice cold tea at the bar that has a little umbrella sticking out. Shower off the sand and sweat of the day and hang out in the beach house while throwing ideas back and forth about where to eat at for dinner. More seafood, pasta or both? How about some shrimp noodles! Salmon with steak and the choices continue.

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