8 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Virginia

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Virginia is full of sights you've never seen before.

8 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Virginia

Set in the center of the East Coast of the United States, Virginia is said to be within a few hours from just about 50 percent of the population. With a long and rich history, the high education and greater-than-average employment rate draw people from around the globe to live in both the pristine countryside, and the exciting metropolitan culture of Virginia. Whether you are looking for somewhere central to live, or just thinking about relocating to the East Coast, here are eight reasons you will fall in love with Virginia.

1. History

Virginia can proudly claim to be one of the original 13 colonies of the old America. Representing the homes of more presidents than any other state, you can also find Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, and Historic Williamsburg as odes to the glorious past within the state’s boundaries. Virginia also borders Washington, D.C., so America’s roots are always easy to find.

2. Seasons

The old palatial estates are not the only reason to visit the outskirts of the big cities across Virginia. The colors of the seasons can amaze, as brilliant flowers grow wild everywhere in the spring, majestic trees turn brilliant fall colors before scattering their leaves across the country side in the fall, and a small scattering of snow tends to drop from the sky, in just the right amount to allow children to build a snowman in winter.

3. Mountains

As home to a little over one-fourth of the awe-inspiring Appalachian Trail, you can also find Blue Ridge Parkway and George Washington and Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. If you love hiking, check out the 200,000 acres of spectacular waterfalls in the Shenandoah National Park, or spend the night in one of the thousands of campsites. If you love breath-taking scenic views, consider visiting each of the eight mountain ranges.

4. Green

Since the sun shines across the spring, summer, and fall, it is easy to see why people look to Virginia solar products as one of the newest energy sources in the state. Virginia has even begun sponsoring green events and participating in green tourism. If you want to locate an eco-friendly platform for any of your specific activities this year, you will be surprised to find Virginia festivals, events, hotels, and restaurants that are supporting the environmentally-friendly movement to go green.

5. Culture

Boasting one of the oldest and richest of all the centers for the arts, the Old Dominion state has museums scattered across the area that are publicly funded. You may also want to visit the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts outside of Vienna. As the only performing arts centered national park, it also has an opera and symphony orchestra. Don’t forget that the Smithsonian Museum is only a few minutes north of the border.

6. Festivals

Festivals are part of the life of Virginia, and they can be found around the state in almost every corner. If you have a strong arm, why not join in the pumpkin chunkin’ festival in Bluemont? If you are all about homemade arts and crafts, check out the Smith Mountain Lake chili and craft festival in Moneta. There is a music festival in Shenandoah Valley, a fiddlers’ convention in Galax, and don’t miss one of the biggest jazz festivals in Maymont. Lovers of music and food can also join the three-day-long American Music Festival in Virginia Beach.

7. Education

Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 states for education in America, the quality of schooling provided by Virginia can’t be denied. With over 176 universities and colleges within its borders, there is bound to be a high-ranked school of higher education close to anywhere you choose to live.

8. Happiness

With so much to do, so many places to go, and such diverse sights to see, it is easy to understand how Virginia is considered one of the happiest states in America. Why wouldn’t you want to live in a state that has so much to offer throughout the entire year?

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