8 Amazing Girls Trip Vacation Getaway Ideas

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Who's ready for a bff getaway vaycay? Quick game: Can you guess where the giphs are from?

When the girls are out there is no one that can stop them. Doing a best friend trip & living your best life with your girls will not only create stronger bonds and amazing experiences. Spending time with your gurl friends is necessary, so show your love for them and plan that girls trip!


All the theme parks are waiting for you and your girlfriends to go adventure on them. You don't need to have kids to go and enjoy all of these activities. And if theme parks aren't your thing there is a list full of places for you to visit, from the Central Florida Zoo to the many Breakout Escape Rooms in the city.

New York

The capital of the world will always offer fun activities to everyone who visits. Plan a tourist trip to visit all the iconic places like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Empire State. But these attractions aren't the only thing available, visit the many fast-food places, the fancy restaurants, and the big stores that surround everything with magic in this big city.


Welcome to Miami, a place to have a wonderful best friend trip. Stay with your girls at one of the many wonderful hotels, get a tan and enjoy the view. Other activities include going scuba diving, take a slow cruise, visit the aquarium, go surfing, and eat by the shore in a lovely restaurant. You and your girls won't get enough of Miami.

Las Vegas

No other city says best friend getaways like Las Vegas. You can have tons of fun testing your luck in the casinos like Ceasars Palace or the many shows that happen every night in Las Vegas. You can also visit many spas like the Sahra Spa & Hammam and treat you and your girlfriends right.

New Orleans

New Orleans is filled with beautiful history, art, culture, and music. Visit the French Quarter, one of the city's most historic neighborhoods, or go to one of the many concerts happening almost every night! From soul, R&B, jazz. and rock, your ears will be delighted at all times. Appreciate the wonderful structures of the city and get fascinated by the parks, plan your best friend getaways in New Orleans


A place to connect with the beautiful landscapes this place has to offer and outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating, and riding. The capital of Texas also has great malls, museums, and cultural places for your girls to visit.


This one is for all the wine lover girls. This place is filled with many wineries and fun and beautiful places to visit. It is a place to relax and slow down a little if you and your girls need some good rest. If you go visit the local markets you will notice the vibes of this natural place.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Spa lovers rejoice! Santa Fe would be the perfect girl trip getaway destination. According to my new bffs, (I'm hopeful lol), at Cosmopolitan, they recommend booking a weekend at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort. The hotel offers a large array of wellness activities from yoga to cooking, and it also has an on-site spa that combines Eastern and Western therapies.

Montauk, NY

According to the ever-so fabulous Lindsay Silberman, she recommends checking out Hither Hills, Ditch Plains, Kirk Beach, and Navy Beach. For a night out, she recommends going to Ruschmeyers to dance the night away. If you aren't quite ready to leave the turn-up scene just yet, Lindsay suggests the Memory Motel. Funny enough, she says that you should expect to have no memory of it the next morning. Sounds fun right?

Asheville, North Carolina

According the Trip advisor, if your perfect girlfriend getaway involves spending time in the great outdoors, check out the Hiking Tour of Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls. Snap a group photo in front of Biltmore Estates; the expansive mansion (perfect for you and your gal pals!) For a memorable night out, there are plenty of brewery tours to choose from, though the comedy-based LaZoom Bus Beer Tour may be one of the most unique.


And finally, if you and your girls love terror and ghost stories, then Salem is the city for your girls trip! This historic town is known for its past of witch-hunting. Visit the witch house, the Salem witch museum, the House of the Seven Gables, and the Howard Street museum for the spookiest trip with your girls!

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