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5 Tips for Doing Disney World Alone

Ideas on how to make your Solo Adventure a success!

By Macy MeekerPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - January 2021
A Magical Adventure 2018

In the Spring of 2018, I embarked on a magical adventure of a lifetime! I became a Disney World Cast Member through the Disney College Program. The DCP is a "paid internship" that allows college students to work at Disney World while getting some of the most valuable customer service experience in the world. While on my program, I worked at Colombia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom!

Columbia Harbour House 2018

While I didn't end up loving my time there, I enjoyed the benefits greatly: A Maingate Pass! On my days off and after work, I would enjoy any of Walt Disney World's spectacular theme parks. My roommates and I often had different schedules resulting in a LOT of time in the Disney parks BY MYSELF.

At first, it seemed incredibly daunting to navigate all by myself. But by the end, I was an expert at "Doing Walt Disney World Alone" and I wanted to share what I learned with you today! Down below are 5 tips to doing Disney World alone!

1. Change Your Perspective!

If you're in Disney World by yourself, it may be "a whole new world," but don't freak out! Instead of feeling scared that you're alone or sad because you don't have someone to share moments with, think of it more a chance to have the best day with yourself as you possibly can! Your day is what you make it! You get to do whatever YOU want to do, and that is pretty magical!

A New Perspective of "It's a Small World" (2018)

2. Dress Confidently and Comfy

NOTHING worse than feeling uncomfortable in your outfit. If you're feeling a bit self-consious in it or it's physically unpleasant to wear after a while, it could put a damper on your magical day. Choose your outfit ! Wear something you can totally rock! Some people DisneyBound in the parks, while others throw on the classic Mickey Tee! The choice is up to you! Here's a couple to remember:

  • WEAR COMFY SHOES! (I cannot stress this enough!) You walk almost all day, wear something comfy and broken in!
  • Wear layers! Depending on the season, it could be super hot during the day and chilly at night! (Or forget the layers and buy a hoodie or Spirit Jersey at one of the stores! 😝)
  • Wear something you love yourself in, but is also comfy! It's important to look good but also feel good! You'll be wearing that outfit all day, so make sure it's a comfy one! And once again, wear something you feel confident in! It'll help your morale and boost your overall mood!

A Rapunzel Disney Bound

3. Try a New Restaurant (or Eat at Your Favorite Place!)

so places to eat in Walt Disney World and around the resorts! You may be asking the daunting question of "Where do I eat?" You've got 2 options: Try a New Restaurant or Eat at your favorite place! Let me break it down for you!

Wanting to try a new place? Perhaps you've always gone with your family to WDW or in a big group and you've always wanted to try "Pinocchio's Village Haus" but you've never gotten the chance. Well here is your big moment! You finally get to try it! Whatever that "new" restaurant is for you, you get the magical opportunity to taste new things! Head out into that "Big Blue World," It's waiting for you!

Wanting to eat at your favorite place? Maybe you've been to Disney World a lot of times and you have scoped out all the best places to eat! Well, as you venture by yourself, you get to dive back into that incredibly delicious dish that you dream about at night! In the words of Maui, "You're Welcome!"

4. Try Something New!

You have the luxury of planning your own day! Whatever you want to do, you CAN! How exciting! Because the majority of the time, most people go with others to WDW, you don't always get to do everything you wanted.

Perhaps you've always wanted to take a picture in a specific spot or try a new snack. Well, like the restaurant , you have the incredible choice of trying something new! (For me, this was a game changer!) You get to make cool memories while trying new ! Sometimes you love it and other times you might not, but regardless, you always have a story to tell!

-As an example, I did the 4 parks, 1 Day Challenge! tough but so much fun! A core memory for sure!

I did the 4 Parks, 1 Day Challenge by myself!

5. Treat Yo' Self!

You're freaking in Walt Disney World Alone! How wild is that! My last piece of advice is to Treat Yo' Self! Buy yourself that snack or that piece of merchandise you've been eyeing! Who's stopping you?! Here are a couple of magical options:

Eat that incredible snack! (Those Dole whips and Mickey Pretzels aren’t going to eat themselves!)

Eat a Table Service Meal! (I mean, why not go big right — like maybe Cinderella’s Castle big?!)

Buy a memorable piece of merchandise! (You’ll always look back on that and say “I bought that on my solo trip! How cool!”)

Ride that ride again! (Did you LOVE that ride? Well then, get back in line and ride it again! Who is stopping you?!)

Eat that Mickey Waffle, You deserve it!

Well, that about wraps up now. Your magical solo adventure is going to an awesome time! Whatever you choose to do, I hope it brings you joy and fun! I think Walt Disney himself sums it up nicely, "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever."

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