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5 Awesome Travel Accessories

Top 5 Travel Accessories

By Katie TejadaPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
5 Awesome Travel Accessories
Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on Unsplash

Even if you like to explore the world on the cheap, splurging on a few excellent travel accessories can elevate the experience to new levels of awesome. Whether you’re going to or from London, explore these five options that will take your travels to the next level.

Personalized Passport Holder

Traveling is wonderful, but going through customs is nobody’s idea of a good time. Even if you’re going solo, it can be difficult to remember all the rules — and it can be even harder if you’re traveling with family or pets.

The simple addition of a personalized passport holder can turn your customs trip into a luxurious and even fun experience. You’ll never hold up the line trying to find your important documents and your passport will stay in excellent condition. The experience will even be made a little bit special since this passport holder is made just for you!

Business Travel Backpack

This isn’t your childhood Spider-Man backpack! When it comes to carry-on bags, most people opt for smaller versions of their checked luggage. But a good business travel backpack provides the extra space you need in a portable, convenient, and stylish package.

Naturally, it has extra padding for your laptop or any other expensive items. But it also has plenty of space for toiletries and even outfits, tons of pockets for easy storage and access, and the option to keep your hands free during transit.

Travel Dock

The struggle: you know you need to connect with a device at your destination that only has an HDMI plug, but your only computer with that connection is a massive work laptop.

A great travel dock eliminates this problem altogether. With plenty of space for HDMI, USB-C, and USB-A cables, any device can become a complete workstation without adding extra pounds to your luggage. Cut down on the added weight and make your travel experience easier with this all-in-one technology.

Travel Cushions

Some people can afford to travel in first class, with seats that completely lie down to become beds and the best in cushioning technology. For the rest of us in coach, traveling is a cramped, uncomfortable experience. Stretching and other wellness exercises can help, but if you’ve been stuck with the middle seat on a six-hour flight, you’re out of luck.

That is, of course, unless you’ve brought your own comfort. Air cushions are an inexpensive way to greatly increase the quality of your trip. Plus, they’re easy to carry and store.

Travel Coffee Mug

Look, when you’re paying for a hostel or hotel with free breakfast, you deserve to get your money’s worth. Make sure you get it with a solid travel coffee mug that you can fill up as you’re leaving.

Take full advantage of the breakfast station by filling up a to-go coffee mug so you have the energy to see absolutely everything during your trip. Plus, it means you always have a little bit of home with your coffee in the morning, no matter where you’re heading off to next.

Seeing the world is the best part of traveling, and no accessory can enhance pure discovery and exploration. But when it comes to the transitional periods in between, there are plenty of ways to improve the experience. Find the best travel accessories to make traveling there and back again the best it’s ever been.

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