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48 Hours in Bangkok

by Jenna Clarke about a year ago in asia

How to eat your way around the city

48 Hours in Bangkok
Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

When I went on a trip of a lifetime around Southeast Asia, I just had to stop by Bangkok, Thailand. The bustling capital is known for its crazy nightlife, unbounded sexual energy and some of the best street food on the planet. As I’m no backpacker, I was sure to hook myself up with some of the most luxurious ways to explore one of the world’s wildest locations. From staying in indulgent hotels fit for a king, to overlooking the entire city –here is the low-down on things you just can’t miss when visiting this incredible capital.

The Siam

If you’re looking for an urban sanctuary from the craziness of Bangkok, The Siam is a perfect place to check-in. A jewel in the crown of Bill Bensley’s portfolio, its abundance of exotic foliage and use of indoor-outdoor spaces tricks you into thinking you’re in the jungle, whilst its sumptuous interiors remind you that you’re definitely staying in a five-star. From taking a dip in their enormous tubs to slipping into their stunning cabana pool, there’s plenty of ways to cool off from the humidity of the city and relax after copious amounts of pad thai.

When I stayed, I took advantage of their beautiful outdoor space and dined al fresco from their exclusive five-course taster menu. From charcoal chicken to one of the spiciest salads I’ve ever had, it was a culinary experience that really reworked what I thought about Thai cooking. It was inventive, the service was faultless and dining under the pagoda watching the monsoon was unforgettable.

Above 11

Above Eleven rooftop bar and restaurant scales new heights when it comes to skyline views. Situated on the 33rd and 34th floor of the Fraser Suites, right off Soi 11, this conceptualised venue is the first rooftop bar inspired by New York’s Central Park. Dine on Peruvian and Japanese cuisine as you look out on one of the most underrated cityscapes in the world. If you get time between sushi, be sure to check out the unique ‘observatories’ overlooking the city, via the bathroom. They’ve also just opened a sister bar in Bali, which should definitely be on your Indonesian hit list.

Executive Hospitality at Movenpick

If your budget won’t stretch to some of the more high-end bars and restaurants, I’ve got a travel hack for you. Checking into an Executive Room at Movenpick Bangkok will give you access to a comfortable room right in the heart of the city and second-to-none hospitality. All Executive guests are welcome to access the Executive Lounge, which between 5pm and 8:30pm, has unlimited Thai food and a range of wines, Champagnes and spirits. Before you head out for cocktails or hit the Kaoh San Road, enjoy three and a half hours of limitless booze and amazing food. They also have a stunning rooftop pool for your hangover the next day – yeah, you’re welcome.

Complimentary Water Limousines at The Siam

If you’re low on time but big on plans, find a resort or hotel that’ll throw in some travel for you. From personal tuk-tuk drivers to Captains who literally sail you down the river, it’s one of the smartest ways to get around the city. The Siam takes this one step further with a dedicated Water Limousine for all their guests – perfect if you want to see the temples and learn a heck of a lot more about the culture. It’s also way cooler than the smoggy streets, which your blowdry will thank you for.

Street food

If you fancy a nibble after exploring the Grand Palace or a long boat trip down the Chaopryha, there is an abundance of street food vendors ready to hook you up. You’ll usually see them sitting on the ground with a hot Wok and a bucket of meat – but don’t let that put you off. This is one of the safest ways to eat in Southeast Asia as its fresh and hot and is sold in seconds. You’d be surprised how often visitors get food poisoning from five and six-star resorts, but hardly ever from the Street Food. These guys know what they’re doing.

Moo ping, or grilled pork skewers, is a hugely popular street food. For me, as a carnivore it was my idea of heaven after a long day drinking Chang and bathing in the heat. Street food vendors have their own unique recipe for the marinade, but it's usually sweet and spicy with a garlic kick. Delishhhhhh.

Originally Submitted to House of Coco Magazine.


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