4 Things That I Love About Hong Kong!

I never expected myself to fell in love with the city let alone visit it. But, I was there and I like it so much!

4 Things That I Love About Hong Kong!

Not in a million years would I have ever imagined seeing myself visited Hong Kong. Don't get me wrong, I would love to visit the city but honestly, Hong Kong was not my top priority city to visit at the moment.

What makes me change my mind? Well, while planning another trip with my sister, she said wanted to visit the city and apparently, luck was on our side since we can get a cheap flight ticket there so we just grab the chance.

Before traveling to a foreign country, I always like to do some research before going to travel and maybe learn something about the language. I have no problem going to Korea and Japan before because I have some knowledge about the language but not Hong Kong.

One of my biggest concerns is knowing that they speak Cantonese most of the time is quite frightening. Plus with all the riot and this new virus that has been going there, of course, there is a risk but lucky for us, it has been subdued while our time there.

I would never think that I will fell in love with the city. So here are the things that I am fond of about Hong Kong!

The city

It was a beautiful city with a lot of skyscrapers. I hardly saw any ground house, only tall buildings here and there. I arrive late at night so while in a taxi going to the guesthouse, I can see all this calm road without the traffic but there are some people here and there on the side of the road. It was lively!

The food

Chinese food can be quite similar to Malaysian food so I don't really feel homesick while I was in the city.

I have been warned by my friend that it is quite hard to obtain halal food in the city, therefore, my sister and I bring some food from Malaysia. What surprised me is that it was really easy to get halal food there.

Maybe because there's been a lot of foreigners or ex-pat in Hong Kong hence make it easier for Muslim travelers to get some food.

The Religion

What amazed me about Hong Kong is how religion is not a problem here. But, maybe this is only from my 6 days stay here. I visited the Muslim center kitchen to taste the incredibly delicious dumpling and guess what, right beside the Muslim center is a center for the Christian community center. Side by side without any chaos occurs.

Besides that, Hong Kong people seem to mind their own business and I don't get as much stare because of my hijab compared to what I experience back in South Korea. But, I do amaze with the practice here.

The history

One of the reasons why I am excited to visit Hong Kong is because of their history. Do you know that there is this place in the city where it used to be the densest place on earth?

Although it was no longer there and it has to turn into a beautiful park, convinced my sister to visit the park and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

It took me an hour to get to Kowloon Walled City which now has turned into a park. A nice park actually! Who would have thought that behind that beautiful place lies a horrific past?

I've only visited Hong Kong for 6 days but I would love to explore the city more next time. Maybe, another historical place that is interesting to visit. Any idea where?

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