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10 of the Most Luxurious Glamping Gear

Always wanted to go camping, but can't rely on nature? These are the best glamping gear for camping in the most high-end way!

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

For us who can't actually rely on nature, camping to us sounds like torture. We have to sleep in a small, weak tent surrounded by animals, eat food out of cans, use water from the pond to bathe ourselves, and the bush is our toilet. Sounds like a nightmare to those who can't stand nature, right? But if you've ever wanted to go camping, you don't entirely have to depend on nature! In fact, there's a ton of gear you can use for glamping!

From inflatable sleeping bags to portable toilets and mobile grills, your glamping experience can be one of a kind. Any of these glamping gear won't make you rely on nature, but the technology you bring along with you! If you're considering going glamping real soon, check out these awesome glamping gear to make you feel right at home, even if you're in the wilderness.

Talk about bringing your house with you glamping. This eight-person family tent is all-things glamping luxury and it's super spacious. This tent isn't joking when it says it can fit up to eight people! So, why not take the entire family out glamping under one giant tent?

While eight people can sleep comfortably under this massive tent, there’s also a screen porch area in the front for star gazing or watching the rain pour while staying dry. There are also storage pockets and a corner shelf for storing belongings. As for moving it, it all fits right into the included wheeled carry bag which makes transporting it a breeze. You can even take grandma glamping with this!

Don't want to spend money on two or more sleeping bags? What about getting yourself a spacious sleeping bag for a more comfortable sleep? From the more useful glamping gear you can buy, this queen sized, yes, queen sized, sleeping bag is ideal for glamping.

Made out of the best material you can get your hands on, the Abco Tech sleeping bag is extremely cozy and comfortable that can also keep you warm during the nights. Plus, it's very easy to store away since it comes with a travel bag where you can roll up the sleeping bag and stuff it into the bag.

It's not camping without barbecuing! Grilling is definitely part of camping etiquette. This portable grill is certainly one of the coolest glamping gear you can get. Not only does it fulfill all of your barbecuing and grilling needs, but it's so easy when transporting it from home to the glamping ground, because you can fold it! Have you ever seen a grill that can fold?

Once you open it right up, it looks like a regular grill. The bottom of the grill is where you'd place the burning charcoal and it enhances air flow. So, if you've always wanted to grill meat when glamping, but an open fire pit fully burned all of your food, this portable grill can be your favorite part about glamping.

The kitchen is one of the more significant aspects to a house. And since it's so significant, don't you think it's important to bring the kitchen with you glamping? Coleman's camp kitchen is almost everything that a regular house kitchen contains. From the drying racks to the sink, you can properly wash and dry dishes after using them while glamping!

This awesome camp kitchen features space for food prepping and outdoor cooking. It includes moisture-resistant tabletops for chopping and mixing, a wire-grid exterior for holding utensils and drying plates after washing, and it all packs into a compact case that’s ideal for traveling!

This... is a brilliant invention. Among the super useful glamping gear you can buy for the ultimate glamping experience, Costway's cooler and picnic table combination is ideal when refraining from bringing too much to glamping. Instead of having to drag a cooler, a table, and chairs, this product is all of that in one!

While the chairs and tables fold onto the sides of the cooler, the product features two chairs, a cooler with a top shelf, and cup holders on the tables to avoid any spillage. Really easy to travel with and sturdy for glamping, this cooler and picnic table duo is what every glampers need.

For those who can't bear to lounge on the ground when glamping, this inflatable sofa is perfect for relaxing, napping, or even sleeping on. Among the coolest glamping gear ever, this corner sofa can fit about five to six people!

Made with very thick plastic material, this inflatable sofa is extremely durable and won't tear easily. Even the rugged ground wouldn't be able to burst the vinyl bottom of this sofa. While its waterproof on top, you'll be having the luxury experience when glamping with this stunning inflatable sofa.

Just eating out of canned food with a spoon isn't what we intend on doing when glamping. Instead, this dinnerware set is perfect to bring along with you glamping. While you're not wasting plastic that's horrible for the environment, this 24-piece dinnerware is great to use—especially if you have that camping kitchen.

Made out of top-quality steel and coated with an enamel finish for durability, this dinnerware can be used for any meal of the day. Plus, the coating makes it really easy to scrap food off of the plates and bowls, which makes washing them a breeze.

Now, this product is so many people's favorite when it comes to glamping. Almost all of us need hot water to shower comfortably, that's why Mr. Heater's battery operated camping shower is one of the absolute best glamping gear you can get your hands on. You'll also never have to deal with cool-temperatured water from any water source.

This camping shower features a matchless ignition and quickly creates hot water from the flick of a switch. You can also choose the temperature level on the shower to your liking. There's also a showerhead, spiggot, and spinner that's included in this product, too. You can charge this through an AC charger, which lasts up to eight to ten hours.

The bush doesn't have to be your toilet anymore when you've got this portable toilet! While it's one of the handiest gear for glamping, it's very convenient when it's time to... really go. This toilet is literally the future of portable toilets, and it's a true camping hack.

Aside from the fact that it's a five-gallon toilet, it's made out of light-weight plastic that makes transporting it less of a hassle. What's unique about this is that it's odorless! The clean water can be used to flush up to 50 times and the detachable tank on the bottom promises an easy clean up and no mess.

Lastly, from the awesome glamping gear you can get for your next glamping experience is this beautiful fire pit! Gaze at the stars on Landmann's fire pit that's ideal when in need of a warm, toasty camp fire during the night. Even though it's not a massive fire pit, it can contain enough fire for the whole family to crowd around!

With the steel exterior and a large spark screen, this prevents the embers from getting out. The fire pit includes a full-size enamel grate for great airflow and precise access to the fire. And the size is ideal for traveling!

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