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Why Should You Begin Investing In Futures Trading?

by george thomas 9 months ago in investing
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Futures trading has also even branched into the contracts of gold, silver and platinum, so if you love gold, you will likely be thrilled about the possibility of being able to invest in these products.


Investing in futures trading is exciting and for many people, it is a very attractive option for their investments, so if you’re interested in this type of trading, you should know what makes it so inviting to so many people. This type of investing is where you as the investor make money off the futures of commodities such as wheat and the contracts of their sale. It can be quite lucrative if you know how to watch trends.

Essentially, you are investing in the contracts between a farmer, or rancher and the buyer of these products. Futures trading has also even branched into the contracts of gold, silver and platinum, so if you love gold, you will likely be thrilled about the possibility of being able to invest in these products.

So, why should you consider investing in futures trading?

Well, there’s a lot of investment leverage involved, so you can choose to invest only 10% of a futures contract value and still have the chance to trade it. That’s $10 for every $100 and that is a really good opportunity. If you are looking for an investment where you can use less capital to get more, then this might be the investment opportunity you’re looking for.

Most often, you will find that the contracts of futures hold standard amounts of the commodity. So, if you hold the futures contract for wheat, you might hold the value of 5,000 bushels and if you traded the contract, you’d be basing all your transactions on 5,000 bushels of that wheat.

Even though futures contracts only take a little bit of investment, which is most often about 10% of the value of the contract, or margin, you still need to consider your transaction before you complete it, especially if you’re a beginner. If this is your first time investing in futures trading, you should make sure that you can afford to trade these contracts. Make sure that you have enough margin that will cover the contract even if it takes a turn for the worse. In other words, if you’re investing $1,000 on a $10,000 contract, should the contract turn, you will need to make sure that you have the $10,000 to cover a possible drop in the value of the contract.

Also, as a beginner trader when you’re investing in futures trading, you should try to set up a system of risk versus reward for commodities. You should take lots of factors into consideration when you’re trading and you should know how to handle where you stand so that you can actually make money when investing in futures trading. You should also put together a stop loss on traded contracts so that you can prevent losing all your investment capital. You can do this by setting parameters for the contracts to exit your positions so you can keep your profits or prevent potential losses.

Whether you’re new to investing in futures trading, or you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s always a good idea to minimize your risk by splitting up your investments into a couple of different commodities instead of keeping all your capital in one commodity. Also, make sure that you always have the capital to spare and will not be too stung by a loss and most of all remember that your risk will always be commensurate with the reward, so even though this is a risky proposition, you could find that you actually do quite well and maybe, you’ll make enough to pay for your next vacation.

Advantages of Future contracts

Fewer commission

Futures market commission prices are generally lower than other investments. Some commodity brokers charge a commission from the clients depending on the services provided by the brokers.


A more significant number of contracts are traded over the futures market daily. Due to this, traders can place orders quickly because a considerable number of buyers and sellers are actively trading commodities throughout the day.

A fairer market

Gaining "inside information" in the commodity market is very difficult. Therefore, the market reports are provided at the end of the trading sessions o create more efficient strategies for the next trading day.


Futures contracts are an agreement between buyer and seller for chasing and selling goods at predefined dates on predetermined prices. The futures contract will be traded in the future market. Collect complete details about the futures market from this article. Learn how the future market works and the advantages of the futures contracts.


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