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Top 10 Books for Finance Professionals

Want to enhance your knowledge and skills in all things finance? Check out these books for finance professionals to be better equipped for the future!

By C.C. CurtisPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Even when we possess great knowledge in a field, it's always better to continue learning. There will be times when you come across something that you never knew before or don't quite understand. So even when you think you're fully knowledgeable in something, at times, you aren't. But it's never bad to keep learning! Plus, still gaining information in a field that you have a passion for and enjoy makes understanding more facts and information a better experience! And you can never have too much intelligence.

As for finance professionals, I'm sure they know a whole lot about the financial world. However, these people are still open to learn more about their field. Since the world is changing as the days go, there is always something new to learn in finance. To refresh your mind or learn more, these are the best books for finance professionals to get right into.

Since hedge funds are much more in the news every day, it’s certainly difficult to discover clear, factual information about how they operate, raise capital, and even invest. Even finance professionals themselves get confused over the topic. That’s why this book, The Hedge Fund Book, offers actual world case studies on various hedge fund managers who give a solid foundation in specialized hedge fund knowledge for either financial professionals or those who want to get into the field.

This book gives the best analysis of funds from diverse phases of their life cycles and investment processes. It looks closer into each cycle in ways that would be informational for markets as well as investors, bankers, and financial professionals who want to learn all about hedge fund operations.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke is certainly one of the best books for finance professionals. Those in their twenties and thirties who graduated from college mostly under student loan debt and are stuck in the weakest job markets in recent history, this book is for you. They also have goals to buy a house, support a family, send their kids to college, and eventually retire. Yet, they seem out of reach for all of those.

This book is written for those who are facing a specific financial reality and provides a set of real solutions to those problems. Author Suze Orman tells her readers what actions to take and why. And through each page, she provides more specialized information, forms, and interactive tools. Through the ten chapters, there are step-by-step instructions on need-to-know information for those who are under a lot of debt.

Among the all-time greatest books for finance professionals, The Power Playbook is an empowering guide for forging professional success, establishing a financial independence, and finding the balance of a satisfaction in life. Author La La Anthony shares her no-nonsense advice as a self-made entrepreneur with a successful fashion line, a cosmetics company, a reality show, and an acting career. Through determination and hard work, she shares her wisdom to those who want to follow her footsteps.

La La knows exactly what it takes to follow a dream, create goals, and work tirelessly in order to achieve them. And in her book, she provides us her tried-and-true advice on how she became successful and whoever reads the book.

Called the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature,” Think and Grow Rich is a phenomenal book that shows and explains just how millionaires and billionaire became so big, how wealthy individuals like Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, and others made so much money in their life. While the original Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 by author Napoleon Hill, Author R. updated the version with current-day wealthy people.

Through their strategies and outcomes, this book gets into deep detail on how someone can possibly become a millionaire or a billionaire. It’s also the first book to boldly ask, “What makes a winner?” And Think and Grow Rich is the one to clearly answer that question.

We all want to be amazing at investing. Since we’re giving away our money to companies, we certainly expect something back. Something much bigger. And that’s what Intelligent Investor is here to show us. The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham, showed and inspired so many people solely based on investing. In fact, this book is seen as the stock market bible ever since the original publication in 1949.

Among the best books for finance professionals, Graham gives readers strategies and advice on how to become an investor. Trick, techniques, and methods to understand what you’re investing into and what to expect in the outcome. This book is also one of the best books on investing ever written.

New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk provides us with new lessons and inspiration straight from the experience of a ton of influencers and entrepreneurs who were turned down the predictable corporate path in order to pursue their dreams on thriving businesses and unique personal brands. In his book, Gary explains his diverse perspective on what has changed and the principles that remain timeless. Aside from himself, he also shares stories from other entrepreneurs who grew their wealth by following the Crush It principles.

The secret to their success revolved about their understanding of the social media platforms and their strive to do anything that would make the tools work at their utmost potential. And that’s what this book teaches readers to do. Gary gets right into every current major social platform from any profession to amplify their personal brand.

We have to admit, investing is super confusing to so many of us who aren't into the field. Even when we truly want to start investing, where do we even start? How does it work? What are the mistakes to avoid? There are a lot of questions to ask, and this one book can definitely give you all the answers. From the best books for finance professionals to get right into, The Investment Answer can thoroughly explain everything to you in the simplest terms.

This book is ideal for all types of investors; for experienced and beginner. It shows readers the process through straightforward choices that can lead to safe ways to manage money. The advice in this book is very simple, easy to follow along, and truly effective.

Authors of Analysis of Financial Statements have provided readers the practical guide to understand and interpret financial statements into their life. While it was written to reflect current market conditions, this book can really help analysts and investors to use these disclosures to assess a company’s financial health and risks. It demonstrates financial analysis inside and out by applying techniques to actual companies.

Throughout the book, the two authors tackle the changing complexities in the area of financial statement analysis and offer an up-to-date perspective of new acts of legislation and events that shaped the field. The book also includes examples, guidance, and an incorporation of information based on recent events in the financial community. Analysis of Financial Statements also covers incidents of cash flow, income reporting, transparency, and so much more.

The House of Morgan is among the books for finance professionals that should be looked into right now. The book is seen as the most ambitious history ever written about American finance. It's rich in stories of four generations of Morgans and the powerful, secretive firms they created—a few that would transform the modern financial world. This book even traces back to J.P. Morgan’s empire from its beginnings in Victorian London to the financial crisis of 1987.

The House of Morgan is a compelling account of a remarkable institution and the men who took charge of it. It’s a significant book that offers readers an understanding on money and power behind the major historical events of the last 150 years.

Lastly from the best books for finance professionals ever is Insuring Success by Dan Weedin. This is certainly a must-have book for those who are in the industry. Where agents want to increase their income, accelerate their professional growth, build their book of business, and improve their lives, it’s a guide in discovering new prospects, retaining existing clients to create strong relationships and eventually help people and businesses properly in the future.

As for an agency owner, this book is a guide on attracting and recruiting top talent into the industry and their business on how to build long-term sustainability through an economic cycle. Even insurance company executives can learn how to make their teams serve better to their clients and agents that sell their products.


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