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The World Economic Forum Experts: “Get Ready For The Great Reset!”

by Kyle Smith about a year ago in economy · updated 4 months ago

Plus one way to secure your future during the forth industrial revolution .

The World Economic Forum Experts: “Get Ready For The Great Reset!”
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2020 Was A devastating Year For The Planet

By engin akyurt on Unsplash

There was a lot of devastating things that happened during the last nine months in 2020. Among one of them was the novel coronavirus and her destructive symptoms that killed millions of people. This massive pandemic was one of the biggest health crisis since the 1918 Spanish flu that wiped out over 2 million people.

Over the course of one month, rapid hospitalization occurred throughout the United States and the rest of the world. In regions of Europe like Italy, extreme cases of the coronavirus devastated and overwhelmed the medical industry which led to govern parties to enforce strict lockdown measurements throughout the European Union. Moreover, the coronavirus has affected economic sectors throughout the western world, resulting to millions of businesses shutting down or closing permanently while disadvantageously forcing ordinary citizens of these nations to file for unemployment in what became one of the worse economic downturns since the 1930’s. Massive graves were created because of insuciffient space within hospital quarters with no end in site. Doctors and nurses were falling sick ,most died an untimely death because of being infected by the virus. The fatalities and cases kept stacking up as more people globally, including the elderly, were catching the virus rather expeditiously during the end of March.

Global Social Unrest and Racial Injutice & Economic scarcity Made 2020 Much More Worse

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As each month descended into chaos,so did the socio-economic and potitical landscape of the recent 4 years. Stateside, in 2020,millions were without a job or food to feed their family, social unrest and racial injustice showed it’s ugly face to disgruntled minorities of color as animosity deepened between law enforcement and the African -American community. Followed by a populist political leader in the highest office of the land, whose mindset often incited arbitrarily xenophobic ideologies which contained much grievous rhetoric of dogmatism towards minorities of other racial groups.

Environmental Disasters Took Place

By Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Undeniably so, the entire world has since experienced worsening climate disasters unlike anything witnessed during recent decade’s past. As wild fires destroyed forest land in Australia and California Wildfires incited massive smoke into the atmosphere, causing millions of Californians to lose their homes during what most might say,was the most uneventful apocalyplic travesity of their lifetimes thus far.

The solution Was A Great Reset to The World’s Economic Order

By 2021

The events up til Mid July of 2020 gotten out of hand so much that the world economic forum along with prince Charles,The Duke of Windsor came together to discuss amidst the pandemic, a new found opportunity to reset the economic and social bylaws of the last century.Klaus Schwab among other panelist detailed a plan for companies, government and educational institutions to collaborate together with a sustainable and environmental agendas for global economies by 2030.

Quote from the founder of The World Ecomoic Forum

A Great Reset Means Redefining Capitalism In 2021 and throughout The 2020’s

During the Summit, scientist, industry insiders and potlital figure heads discussed plans that included sustainable /environmental adjustments to the way companies, people, military, and other institutional organizations revamp eco- initiatives and working conditions in an ever-changing world. Dictated by post pandemic and massive climate disasters that pose a real threat to our every day life. This may mean, that major corporations will need to focus on a new economic GDP measurement that isn’t based off of short-term profitability, rather long-term environmental and social sustainability mark that measures profit for society and Earth.

There are a few companies already practicing the new Measure which include the ESG Mark that determines how economically and socially responsible in the long haul a company can be with products/services. Of course, it’s much more complex than just environmentally aware corporations, governments around the world will have to implement subtle brave new draconian laws to enforce on it’s population as a sacrifice in exchange for a carbon emmission free world.So in order for the great reset to manifest, major ramifications of a cash based capitalistic society will have to be radically altered in favor of a more digital and environmentally friendly way of life.

The Reset Means Reimagining A New Economic Order

By Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Due or worsening climate disasters globally,the old economic trade and bartering strategies of the 20th century will no longer be valid therefore, completely being replaced with a more robust papaerless and eco-friendly way of trade and barter. Since the 2020 pandemic, cash has been unsafe to use due to germs that may live on the paper‘s surface. Major companies opted out of cash payments and turn over to cashless options like Apple Pay, or cash app among several other platforms, as they were better alternatives for payment transactions. Since lockdown measurements took place in April 2020, most retailers and restaurants refuse paper cash and had cashless payment options only. As we move forward towards 2021 in the rest of the third decade of the 21st-century, so will the way we barter and trade currency. During the great reset, new systems will be in place to help aid a cashless economy.

Cashless Society

New emerging technologies like RFID micro chips will be implemented into peoples hand for fast and secure payments that are cashless and environmentally solid. In the beginning, this form of payment option might be optional, however overtime post-Great Reset, millions of people will gradfully take advantage Of cashless tranactions using an implantable microchip along with blockchain technology design to make trade secure. No longer will we be tied down to regional currencies but used one central based crypto- digital coins for all tranactions, enabling a true borderless economy for all citizens.

The 2021 Green New Deal Is Perfect For The Great Reset initiative

By Science in HD on Unsplash

Joe Biden‘s Green New Deal Will be among one of the first priorities once in office in 2021. He wants to strike new deals to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. By enforcing a carbon tax on manufacturing and other commerce around the country. TheBiden administration will initiate executive orders to protect the planet from over bearing changes during the reigning climate disasters that plague the world. In addition, the Biden administration will re-join the Paris climate accord that will offset new rules and regulations to help maintain a cleaner planet globally. Green jobs will be benign for the U.S economy, ensuring the promise from the green new deal where the United States is leader of this new initiative for other countries to mimic or follow there after. This new era will play hand-in-hand with the great reset as companies adjust to a new environmentally focused economy based on sustainability for the planet and real world social economic issues plaguing communities of color in Third World countries.

The Great Reset Will Also Mean, Nobody Owns Nothing

As environmental catastrophes loom post-Great Reset,so will your abilitiy to own property, Cars,or things. With the popularity of Uber, Airbnb and other models of business, rental base companies will be all of the craze and the idea of personally owning something will completely be obsolete and deemed an old relic of the 20th century philosophy of living. Instead of owning a home, you’ll just rent one for life. You’ll never be able to buy a cell phone again, it’s something you’d pay monthly for… And I mean the actual phone, not the monthly bill. New apartments, condos, and homes will have furniture ready to use, smart thermostats, lightbulbs and other things that will be included in the monthly mortgage where you pay for the product forever in monthly installments.Owning land would be out of the question due to new carbon emission base laws. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon enough. After all, we can’t take anything with us when we’re dead, right?

Cars at this point will be driveless without a steering wheel and taxi people everywhere. This eliminates the idea of owning a car, while older cars will be stored in museums or junked in old car lotts.

A.I and Automation Is King in The Post Reset Era

The US and China will be at war with who will be the most technologically advance when it comes to AI and automation. By 2025, post reset and COVID-19 era, will see a new a vast surge in the displacement of humans in exchange for A.I automation which leaves millions of people without a job. This surge will be due to technological advancements in AI along with quantum computing using sophisticated algorithm data mining prinipals data mined from Nurochips brain implants. Allowing A.I and super quantum computing to replicate the habits of thousands of people which in turn,will make production cheap for companies.So in order words, Automation will offer eco-reducing activity and bring about cheaper more reliable interface for productivity that humans won’t be needed for any longer. The likely solution to resolve an immense economical disparity among the displaced individuals will NOT be IT training programs from the governement but rather Universal Basic Income or UBI.

Each month, displaced workers will receive a livable income digitally from a secured blockchain from a governmental subsidy so that basic bare nessicaries can be met. This will also increase consumer buying power in the long run, helping the ecomony while reducing scarcity in poorer communities, which lowers the crime rate , children born out of wet lock and domestic violence within the household.

Rethink Travel Post Great Reset

Imagine how cool it would be to travel from Pittsburgh to Chicago in over an hour using an underground bullet train? It’ll be possible during this decade when the hyperloop is created. An underground train that is railess and can travel as fast as a bullet train to get you to a place in over an hour or two. Driverless cars will definitely be a thing where zero car accidents will be a reality and Uber will develope a sky drone that can take passengers from different points of a city with ease, eliminating traffic time on ground.

Work From Home Is Here To Stay Post 2021

The prospect of working from home is not going anywhere as thousands of companies will reduce carbon emmissions by involuntarily asking their co workers to work from home. This might eventually be changed as automation displace more workers and quantum computer can do the most robust task, like paralegal scanning, write articles using artifical computer prediction and other manual task humans do behind the computer.

Those Who Invested In Crypto Currency Now Will Be The New Technocratic Elites Later

With every era come s the rise of new money that eventually matures to old money. Like the wealthiest empires of our time from all over the world and the amassive wealth they hold. The reason these people became wealthy for generations was by simply taking action with up and coming industries today. They invested in industries that later were worth Billions. Andrew Carnegie invested in the Rail Road company as a young adult and later, became one of the wealthiest people in town from it. And that’s before he started his steel company.

Crypto and Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most volatile and profitable investment you could take advantage of in the 21st century. For those who choose to dabble into trading crypto today will be the new wealthy technocrats of the new Green future. If you miss your opportunity today, you’ll regret it years down the road.

As the forth industrial revolution creeps towards our old way of life, keep in mind that there are people now who will fully take advantage of this new brave era in human history. Much like The Rockafellas and Rothchilds of recent centuries before the original industrial revolution, now is your chance to rise from peasant to a king. But You must act now. Luckily, today as you’re reading this article, you have a chance to redeem yourself among the few who became wealthy in the 21st century.

How Can I be Apart of The Technocrats?

By investing in digital currency using blockchain. When you click here

you will be able to invest in the future of money. Because The Great Reset could be a lot of things, but it doesn’t have to be a sad dacronian future for you.

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