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The Power of Economic Hypotheses

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in investing
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Sustainable Investing

The Power of Economic Hypotheses
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Investment is all about faith and credit. Do you have faith in that business? Will you give it the credit it so deserves? If you don't have faith in a business then that business may or may not grow. You have to believe that the business is able to do what it says it can do. Faith is nothing without evidence and works. The evidence is the history of that business. Did that business do enough research? Do they know their strengths and weaknesses? Are they aware of their competition? These questions should go through your mind as you invest. Only invest if the business answers all these questions. Businesses should know the work that lies ahead, the challenges that awaits them on their journey. Because if they don't then they are clueless about the struggles of businesses. They must know the mountains they will climb and the valleys they will have to soar in. Business is challenging but also it is rewarding. It is important to set certain goals for success for both business and investing. There is nothing wrong with social investing or sustainable investing, where you invest because the business promise to do certain social building programs and they are committed to bettering the understanding of equity. I want to make it clear that equity is sustainable and equity is a grand investment. For instance, investing in women is simply smart, women live longer and are known to be more healthier than men. Women can bring millions and billions of dollars into the economy just by having equality. Another instance, other minorities' equity can end work related stresses, it can prevent businesses' culture problems that prohibit business growth and prosperity. Even families' equity can be very good because families have loyalty to a business, when a business pays for their employee children's education, they are building a smarter workforce and retaining employment. These are just facts from the experts. I personally invest in sustainability because it leaves a lasting legacy. It tells your children that you care about the world and the way they spend their inheritance. It tells history that you were a changemaker. I advised don't be dumbfounded, make sure it is a good company with a good track record of successes and an honest team to lead the charge for social equity. You should make sure their board have experts or that they are advised by people who can help them reach their destiny. Be aware of businesses that change their policy without telling the shareholders. Be aware of too good to be true numbers. In your research, see if the government is backing them, see if they have federal funding, see if they are willing to show their financers. It is good to research and research and research then make an educated decision like doctors do for their patient. We must create economic hypothesis based on experts. Money is investment is a vehicle but not everything. And we must apply a comfortable credit after paying bills and maintaining necessities then calculate what your leftover amount is and how much you can deal without. Budgeting is key to maintaining and availing credit to invest in businesses. And remember to make businesses work for your credit, see how fast they can get results and reward them importantly reward them with more investment or word of mouth marketing. More investment meaning gather more investors or put your money where your mouth is at, give them more money by purchasing more shares. Businesses still rely on word of mouth even with social media commenting and posting and reviewing can boster a business reputation.


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