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ROinvesting Review: Detailed Broker Review

by georgethomas 2 months ago in investing

Investing is a daily activity about which we all want to be sure and satisfied. ROINVESTING is one such tool of investment, which never lets clients face problems while trading online.


This ROinvesting review will provide the traders with the detailed information about the cfd broker. To review ROinvesting, the team has gone through extensive research on blind sight areas like spreads and crucial areas of possible loopholes like the regulations section.

a brand name of royal forex limited, ROInvesting is a well-known forex broker that provides trading on CFD tradable instruments. ROinvesting is regulated by 9 different regulatory authorities. These include CySEC(cyprus securities and exchange commission), BaFin, KNF, FCA, FI to name a few.

With three different trading accounts, the broker offers CFD trading over more than 350 assets which assist the trader with a lot of different trading instruments. With two out of the three trading accounts, the broker provides a dedicated account manager and each trading account flexes trading upto the fifth decimal. The broker also provides demo trading through a demo account.

Traders can conduct trading over three different platforms provided by the financial service provider. Each platform serves the same purpose, fluctuating only on the grounds of user experience.

Let's read about the customer service broker in detail:

Account types:

ROInvesting offers three different trading accounts. The Silver, Platinum and Gold accounts. The Silver account is for the beginner who has just begun trading or is still new to the turf. The gold account is for the medium level trader who has spent a decent time on the field and the platinum account is for the veterans who know what the market is and are willing to make money no matter where it goes.

The broker also offers an islamic trading account for the sharia abiding traders.

The maximum leverage offered for the retail traders in the platinum account is 1:30. The gold account has a swap discount of over 25% and the platinum account offers a swap discount for 50%. The platinum account also offers a free VPS service.

Via this service, the broker provides a server where all the veteran traders come together and trade in a dedicated environment.

Each account is handcrafted according to the needs of the traders and its better if the traders follow the class of hierarchy put out by the broker. It would not be correct for the novice trader to use the platinum account to avail trading services.

Trading platform:

The broker offers three different trading platforms to the trader and each platform as mentioned above, provides a similar service and only differs on the basis of the user experience. all the trading platforms can be easily accessed by the trader in all the formats.

To use a whole new platform for trading, the broker offers MetaTrader 4 to its traders. If the traders want to opt for mobile trading, they are provided with an application compatible with iOS and Android as well.

The WebTrader application is for the traders who want to use a system for trading and runs most of the trading apps out there.

The good thing about MetaTrader4 is that it offers a different environment for trading. MT4 is considered to be the epitome of trading platforms and people look at it like a reference model when they want to build their indigenous trading platforms.

The security of the personal information of the user trading platform is looked after by the RSA algorithm and a 126-bit key encryption. The information that the user sends or receives is kept at the engine server and is completely safe to assume that it won't get out from that server without the user wanting to do so.


ROInvesting is regulated by 9 different regulatory authorities. By far, the maximum number of regulatory authorities entitled with a broker we have seen is 6 but ROInvesting shatters this feat. The broker happens to be at par with the following regulatory authorities; CySEC(Cyprus securities and exchange commission), KNF, FCA, FI, FSMA, CNMV, CNB,FSA.

Such regulations can install trust in all the traders that it is safe to trade CFDs with this broker. Since the broker is in such good shape, licensed and regulated, it is not a thing to worry for the traders.

There are some scam brokers in the financial markets and almost none of them have regulations at all, let alone 9 agencies. The clients can feel good about their money being in the right hands.

When the traders are trading in currency pairs, there is a lot of money at stake. Not just forex, there is a lot of money at stake in trading too. Just to get ahead of the market in decency, the traders opt out for regulated brokers. ROInvesting is one such broker. There is no doubt in the fact that the broker is legit and not a scam.

Education Material:

The trading experience of the trader increases with an abundance of the trading based education material. ROInvesting ensures that there are no bridges left unbuilt when the trader has to walk towards education. It gets easy for everyone if they know that a piece of well organised content is out there for them and they can access it whenever they want.

The education material provided by the broker is good enough for the novice. It is presented in the form of on demand videos, webinars and organised articles that can help the traders in understanding the terminologies related to trading and have a grasp before they enter the market.

The biggest educator here is the demo account. The traders can easily understand what the market is and how to grapple around the mauling that the market conspires to do in real time, without risking any money.

One thing that the traders need to understand is that the money that the demo account provides (both money) is unreal in terms of what the trader would sit and trade with.

For example, if the trader is seeing a demo account worth $100,000, it is not likely that he or she has the same amount to begin with when it actually comes to trading. Spend that money wisely, even when you trade demo.

Customer support:

the broker offers an excellent customer support and the traders can reach them in various ways listed below:

Address; City home 81, 3rd floor, 128-130 Limassol Avenue, 2015 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus.


E Mail: [email protected]

The customer support team looks like it knows what it can do and is doing. They can assist the traders with almost all the problems that occur. The traders can contact the broker five days a week.

Bottom Line:

The broker is completely regulated and is neat enough to present itself as a good forex broker. It is safe to trade cfds with this provider. However, CFDs are complex trading instruments that are risky enough to put the traders back to where they began from. Always make sure what you do is 200% authentic in terms of strategy and you know what is driving you. Should not be emotion, should always be mathematics. Make sure your broker is good enough and is legitimate to the cores of it.



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