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Metaverse Development

By chris evansPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Metaverse Development Company

Hivelance is a pioneering metaverse development company that develops future-ready metaverse apps and solutions for gaming, NFTs, Defi, and other industries. We provide guidance to create the finest Metaverse development solution suitable for all project requirements. We create and launch a metaverse gaming platform with engaging playability by integrating beautiful 3D virtual worlds, play to earn games with NFT trading and minting, game live streaming, value exchange with cryptos, and other features. Our skilled team can develop and create a Metaverse platform using a variety of technologies like as Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, NFT, and much more.

What is a Metaverse?

According to Gartner, 25% of people will use the Metaverse at least once a day by 2026 for social networking, work, education, retail, and/or leisure. However, what precisely is a metaverse?

It is a collaborative virtual realm generated by the fusion of virtualized physical and digital reality. In other words, it is not held by a specific supplier and is independent of systems. A virtual economy that operates independently and is supported by digital money and non fungible tokens (NFTs).

A metaverse is an example of a combinatorial innovation because it relies on a variety of technologies and trends to run. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, augmented reality (AR), flexible work methods, head-mounted displays (HMDs), an AR cloud, and spatial technologies are some of the technological advancements that contribute.

Consider a Metaverse to be the next iteration of the Internet, which began as distinct bulletin boards and autonomous online destinations. Eventually, these locations developed into locations on a shared virtual environment, much like the Metaverse will.

Features Of Our Metaverse Software Development

• Personalized characteristics

• Ultra-low latency

• Easier interactions

• Faster Speeding

• Decentralization with Blockchain Technology

• Resistant to Cyber Attacks

• Highly Coded Smart Contracts

• Integration of Payment Wallets

• Full Stack Programming

• Engaging Gaming Experience

• 3D Animated Images and Videos

• Interoperable Standards

Metaverse Statistics 2022 Market Size, Users, and Industry Growth

• According to reports, it is estimated that only 20% of people use the metaverse.

• As it offers broad-ranging use cases, over 70% of the population can enter the metaverse in the near future.

• In 2020, The market capitalization of metaverse was $ 480 billion. It is expected to be over $400 billion in 2025.

• The growth of the metaverse market is estimated to face 14% appraisal each year.

• The US is the top country rejoicing in the metaverse virtual reality to a maximum extent. The astounding fact is over 75% of US people are stepping into the metaverse and showing more interests.

• India being the frontrunner in all technologies is also expected to enter the metaverse sooner.

Core Benefits of our Metaverse Platform Development

We can offer reliable metaverse platform development services and these platforms can serve many businesses and they are

• Engaging Game Spaces

• E-Commerce

• Educational Areas

• Fitness and Sports

• Digital Arts Creation

• Fashion Designing

• Entertainment

• Unique Avatar Creations

• Impressive Video Streaming

• Live Storytelling

What distinguishes our Metaverse Development Services from others?

We follow a distinctive approach for all our projects creation.We focus on metaverse development services very closely.Metaverse is predicted to be the ravishing future within a few days.Its occupancy in the markets is already proven. Still its implementation in educational fields, medical areas need to be expanded as it offers many advantages to those spaces. Keeping in mind its importance, we tend to use the latest and standardized ideas with market trending technologies. We give importance to your requirements and develop it within affordable costs. Even startups, Entrepreneurs and emerging industries can adopt our metaverse development services to enhance their business and get passive turn over.

Hire Our Metaverse Developers

Our team of developers are the masters in Metaverse Development who are up to date with the trending markets and its strategies. They are very passionate in transforming your dream project into existence with exclusive features. As we value our clients needs first, We develop your projects following your customization ideas. With highly programmable languages, our developers create your metaverse platforms with high quality and real-life like features. Are looking for enthusiastic developers for launching your metaverse platforms? HiveLance encloses a perfect team of active developers who can work round the clock. Hire our developers on a daily, weekly or full-time basis and make your project successful.

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