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I became a stock exchange investor

Long-term financial independence

By Dalmy AlvesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
I became a stock exchange investor
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Not long ago I decided to start investing in the stock market, investing in future financial independence was the best idea I had.

Last year I met the broker I'm using to invest in the stock market and I decided to experiment, I just put in $10 to train, and you know what happened? I lost the $10 playing investing, I didn't know anything about the platform, I was studying and practising with the $10 but I was able to learn a lot.

This year, I noticed a growth in me about the financial market, how it works, how the appreciation and depreciation of assets works, I learned by watching many videos on YouTube and reading some books, I met many renowned investors who today serve as a great inspiration to this world of actions.

I liked the most was hearing from people in my city who are also investors, I felt one in a million because in my country a young person to be an investor in the stock market is very rare if not impossible, today's youth is very distracted thinking about the now, they don't think about tomorrow and worst of all, they don't invest in their tomorrows.

So this year I decided to start investing seriously, this time I started with $30 and whenever I had earnings on Vocal I would send the money there, and this time I put my first $100, just to make sense of my happiness, $100 in my country is the minimum wage, depending on the professional area... And so I'm evolving, I built a portfolio of shares and in these last few days I managed to get an 11% gain on everything I invested.

One thing I have learned investing in the stock market, to grow financially you only need regular small gains, in this case, if every day you have small gains they will one day be big gains.

In my country, the elders usually say: the chicken fills its belly from grain to grain!

And this makes perfect sense in my life as an investor.

The second thing I've learned investing in the stock market, you don't invest the money you'll need on a day-to-day basis, or rather, the money to support yourself, don't use it to invest, earnings are volatile, it's not wise to do it that!

All my earnings from the internet I put on the stock exchange.

Sometimes I could have a hamburger (oddly enough, a good hamburger in my country is too expensive for a fast-food), I could have a pizza and I don't, I use the money put it in the stock market because I created a goal, not reaching thirty years old poor, until 29 years old I need to achieve financial freedom and I believe that this way I will achieve if I keep making small investments for three to four years, they will be huge, the percentages I will have of earnings will also be huge and I will reach a stage where I can only live off the stock market, I have seen this lifestyle in big investors.

I would like to share this thought that is being a way of life for me, to motivate or influence some young people not to waste their time with so many distractions, tomorrow is uncertain so try to sow today, it may be worth what you are going to reap in the future and it will bring you no regrets.

I want to know about you, what have you invested in? What do you think about investing in the stock market?


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Dalmy Alves

I'm a young dreamer who seeks to make many dreams come true, one of them is to make a living from writing, I love to write about everything, including the things I love the most, so stay here, maybe you'll identify with me.

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