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First time stock inverster

by HomeLess Writer about a year ago in investing
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Up 4k

First time stock inverster
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Peace and Love, first of all and most important than all. I am here to share something that is occurring and I'm not sure if you guy's are aware but I don't want you guys to miss out. Many people just joined the high end thousand's club from 60k or 100k and rising. If you are not someone looking for different opportunity's to grow the finances you have now or in general This is not for you, but hopefully its enough to get you to re analyze your direction or ask if a few extra thousands may help you reach you goals or travel destinations sooner.

I invested $240 which bought me 4k doge coins. they where less than half of one penny when i bought them just a few week's ago. something happened yesterday and when i checked the number's where going to the moon. I didn't really understand exactly how great the outcome was going to be. I bought more coins, unfortunately no where near the price i received the first 4k coins for. I would have really really been up there, but at the end of it I'm still up, and I will be thankful.

This is something huge people. look up the price of a bitcoin and ask yourself "what if i would have bought a few coins when they where cents on the dollar" well people, now is that chance! from yesterday to today doge coin has gone up over 200% and will continue to rise. To all my beautiful writers I share this information with you and I wish you much prosperity in your future, in many and every right, honest and healthy way.

I honestly never would have thought that I would be someone who invests the income that I acquire, It took a very long time for me to become responsible with my finances. My motto when I had any type of funds in my hand was "YOLO" and off and out I was to fund the "What Do I Want" contribution. So for me to have a savings account please stop, don't make me laugh. Shopping is calling me, and major flexing I must and will. I got to show people how your supposed to spend money on the finer things. Treat yourself don't cheat yourself! Right!?

Do those words sound familiar or can you relate? Personally now and after many years of practice can clearly see the difference between 'wants and needs' and please, please don't think this is something that I heard an inspirational pod cast or seen a motivational video on the web and boom just like that I was this responsible finance accountant. Negative, it took me many many years of fail and trial just to even be able to clearly see wants from needs. Being able to set those two things apart where a big help on where I stand today and how I use currency as a tool not as fun coupons.

Some just got it like that and so yes they are fun coupons. Many years I had my great share of blowing fun coupons and you know what it was fun, it was actually a blast. As i'm growing though i'm wanting more freedom, and more fun yes on a higher level. I am not done living the beautiful life that has been given to me. I am ready to level up and live it up on a much higher level, I cant keep living in the same stage as kids or young adults. As I grow older I know my income, freedom and success should grow too. If I must sacrifice the wants right now so that I may be able to level up on my Freedom, wealth and reach higher Dreams and Success its only obvious I do what I should and do it wouldn't you say?

That is why I am writing this, to help us all as a whole. Helping each other with useful beautiful information is the way we can progress. I know what it's like to just want to reach that dream but life just keeps happening, when its not one thing its another. I understand life is the way its supposed to be and I remain thankful for what I do got. I stay positive and I keep the feeling of knowing things are going to get better and they will go my way someday. My great day will come where as though life is a movie and I am the main character.

Don't feel alone, I am with you brothers and sisters. It is what it is and all we can do is move forward. With all smile on our face no matter what and know things will get better. Life is not exactly the way I want it to be right now, but I will find a way or a sign that will show me how to get there. One day all my sacrifice, kindness and positive attitude will all be worth it and I will be rewarded for it. All those extra hours or work, and those side jobs, all that running around hustling will pay off. Yes it will, if you are smart and understand that money sitting in the bank not making you R.O.I as you work, sleep, study and run around hustling, or even having dinner with family or friends is the best way out!

This is that sign, this is that message my friends. I'm simply just letting you know about the plane of R.O.I that is taking off and the destination is wealth. Whether you board the plane or not is completely up to you. Do you want to be watching the airplane as it's in the air asking "I wonder where that plane is going?". Or do you want to be on the plane knowing where you are going, enjoying the ride! There's no right answer, there's no wrong answer. We are all free to make a choice, which choice will you make?

Peace and love, always, no matter what!


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like a plant that is still growing, needing different environments to survive. only secure space it really has is the small pot its spirit has been set in. riding on the dash board of life being driven by the universe. lessons is all i have

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