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CRTD Stock (Vocal's Founder)

by RexFinance 6 months ago in investing

I Just Bought $20,000 Of Creatd Stock

It's no secret that this platform (Vocal) has grown immensely over the past several years. Why not take a stake in Vocal's owner "Creatd" by investing in their stock directly?

In this video, I explain my bullish thesis around investing in CRTD Stock, and why I chose to make a $20,000 investment in the company.

Fueled by investors and Vocal's unmatched growth, Creatd also boasts a "Creatd Ventures" business segment. Recently, they announced a venture with Plant Camp. Simply put, Plant Camp takes traditionally yummy, but unhealthy meals and makes them healthier. Their initial product is a mac n' cheese product, which they project will be sold out already in April of this year.

Beyond Plant Camp, Creatd is also actively in discussion for 4 additional ventures: a marketplace SaaS platform for influencers, a marketplace Saas platform for health & fitness, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) women's health beverage, and a DTC gourmet meal delivery service.

Creatd also aims to make accretive acquisitions, best seen in their acquisition of Seller's Choice. Seller's Choice offers 4 services: design & web development, marketing & advertising, marketplace solutions, and e-commerce SEO. They work directly with e-commerce shops, brands, and websites.

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