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Best Forex Trading platform

by george thomas 5 months ago in product review
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The forex trading platforms are the support as they predict the market fluctuations and prepare the investors in advance. Thus, traders can enjoy a beneficial trade.

A modern advantage of trading is trading platforms; these are the softwares that are invented by various companies to assist the traders in successful trading. The trading platforms are primarily developed for currency trading. Gradually with time, these were used with other financial markets due to their flexibility.

The software interfaces are provided by the online forex brokers to the clients for analysing the market, doing the research, studying the market change, using the automated system for having relaxed trading and many more advantages. The forex trading platforms include web based portals, mobile applications, downloadable programs, or it could be a combination of the three.

All the softwares are online with support to all the devices and an easy downloading and installation process. Traders can, in addition, can execute their orders, have pending orders, place stop-loss and take profit and a number of other services that make the trade smooth.

The best forex trading platform that has had high market demand recently are:

  • MetaTrader4
  • MetaTrader5
  • Webtrader
  • Mobile App
  • MetaTrader4 (MT4)

    MetaTrader4 trading platform is the most convenient forex trading platform as it is user-friendly and flexible. The software was introduced by MetaQuotes company in 2005 as a forex trading platform. It was initially used in the forex market to analyse the financial markets and use expert advisors.

    The software has integral parts, namely mobile trading, trading signals and the market. These enhance the forex trading experience of the investors and help them have a successful trade. Millions of traders use MT4 for their wide range of market needs.

    It offers traders with opportunities, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading, expert advisors and mobile trading, which all are suitable for all levels of skill traders. Moreover, the trading platform has signals and markets that add as the additional services of the software.

    The signals help the investors by allowing them to copy trades from other investors and the markets offer expert advice and technical indicators to aid traders in the purchase and sell of instruments.

    The forex trading platform has given advantages for traders:

    • Charts and patterns
    • Works with Android, Mac and iOS
    • News and updates
    • Easy downloading and installation
    • Orders types
    • Executes orders
    • Expert advisors
    • Automated trading
    • Indicators and signals
    • Customer support
    • Customisable
    • Time frames
    • Real time trading
    • Trading strategies
    • Analysis tools

    MetaTrader5 (MT5)

    MetaTrader5 is the trading software that was developed by the MetaQuotes company in 2010. The software is not an extension or updation of MetaTrader4 but has advanced services that could make the trade more efficient. A powerful platform for the forex traders and other markets as well.

    It is a modern trading platform with the full cycle trading elements that are required by the investors. The brokers with MetaTrader5 have comprehensive brokerage services, making them the best brokers without the need for any other software. The platform includes all the functions of MetaTrader4 and has the White Label license. It has the following features:

    • Back-end functions
    • Connectivity
    • Expert advisors
    • Multi-asset trading platform
    • Supports all order types
    • Customisable
    • Trading strategies
    • Hedging
    • Technical and fundamental analysis tools
    • Automated trading
    • Mobile trading
    • Web browser
    • Indicators
    • Charts
    • Timeframes
    • Risk management
    • Real time trading
    • Trade history
    • Social trading


    Webtrader is a forex trading platform that works as a browser for investors. Both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 offer the webtrader service. It allows the traders to use it with all the browsers and operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux etc. Thus, requiring no additional software for accessing the financial market. Just with an internet connection, investors can trade.

    A desktop trading platform, Webtrader, has high market reliability and compatibility with the trading softwares. It is easy and safe to use a trading platform with the transmission of data having encryption to have secure trading. It has the given functions to assist currency traders:

    • Direct trading via browsers
    • One click trading
    • User-friendly
    • Data protection
    • History of trading operations available
    • Trading indicators and signals
    • Graphical objects
    • Trading operations
    • Time frames
    • Real time quotes

    Mobile Application

    The smart phones available with all the market investors are of great use in their trading. The softwares of the forex brokers like PrimeFin could be installed on mobiles and could be used to connect with the trading world. The application provides all the trade information on a daily basis and helps traders monitor their investments.

    The mobile application has all the services in the application to connect with the forex market using the brokerage account of the brokers. The mobile app has access to the following services listed below:

    • Easy to use
    • Gives live portfolio review
    • Regular market updates
    • News and information
    • Notification feature
    • Research reports
    • Indicators and signals
    • Analysis
    • Charts
    • One click trading
    • Time frames
    • Real time trading


    The best forex trading platforms are MT4, MT5, Webtrader and Mobile app. Investors can use all the applications with a brokerage account like mentioned above PrimeFin. The broker has advanced services, including the forex trading platforms that would assist the traders in market prediction.

    Traders, in addition, can make well researched trades using the research tools and reports. It has a number of other services mentioned above that guide traders to be successful investors. Thus, making trade simpler and beneficial.

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